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jellyfish dna

Jellyfish Dna

A chemically powered jellyfish-like micromotor was proposed by using a multimetallic shell and a DNA assembly with catalase decorations modified on the concave surface to simulate the umbrella-shaped [ReadMore..]

frb 121102

Frb 121102

FRB 121102 is identified with a galaxy at a distance of approximately three billion light-years and is embedded in an extreme environment. ... The first host ... [ReadMore..]

random theories

Random Theories

Aug 12, 2002 ... Benington, George A. and Jensen, Michael C., Random Walks and Technical Theories: Some Additional Evidence. Journal of Finance, Vol. 25, No. [ReadMore..]

godel's incompleteness

Godel's Incompleteness

Jan 25, 1999 ... It was even more shocking to the mathematical world in 1931, when Godel unveiled his incompleteness theorem. Godel did not phrase his result in ... [ReadMore..]

will covid ever be over

Will Covid Ever Be Over

The race between vaccinations and new variant strains won’t end until Covid-19 has touched almost everyone. Sep 12, 2021 ... How Will Covid End? ... What seems clear is that the pandemic will not b [ReadMore..]

diagram of milky way galaxy

Diagram Of Milky Way Galaxy

Edwin Hubble's classic article on the expanding universe appeared in PNAS in 1929 [Hubble, E. P. (1929) Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 15, 168–173]. The chief result, that a galaxy's distance is proport [ReadMore..]

free dimensions

Free Dimensions

Free Dimension | 230 followers on LinkedIn. FREE DIMENSION INC was established in 2005 in Oklahoma, U.S.A and it started its regional Middle East office in the same year in Saudi Arabia with a profess [ReadMore..]