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definition of time in physics

Definition Of Time In Physics

Time in physics ... ) and, like length, mass, and charge, is usually described as a fundamental quantity. Time can be combined mathematically with other physical ... [ReadMore..]

turing patterns

Turing Patterns

In 1952, Alan Turing proposed that biological morphogenesis could arise from a dynamical process in reaction systems with a rapidly diffusing inhibito... Jun 11, 2018 ... Noise in stochastic Turing pa [ReadMore..]

turing instability

Turing Instability

Systems of pioneer and climax species are used to model interactions of species whose reproductive capacity is sensitive to population density in thei… In the remainder of this paper we will describ [ReadMore..]

is the universe a torus

Is The Universe A Torus

The idea that the universe has a 3D torus shape ties in to some pretty far-out stuff, like the CIA’s 1980s Gateway report on psychic phenomena. Jul 22, 2021 ... The idea that the universe has a 3D t [ReadMore..]

quantum space

Quantum Space

Combining clear discussions of both quantum theory and general relativity, this book offers one of the first efforts to explain the new quantum theory of space and time.Today we are blessed with two e [ReadMore..]

quantum space llc

Quantum Space Llc

Our eVTOL Fixed-Wing UAVs combine the advantages of helicopters and airplanes. Vertical take-off and landing capability and sophisticated aerodynamics in ... [ReadMore..]

brain mouse atlas

Brain Mouse Atlas

Dong, The Allen Reference Atlas, (Book + CD-ROM): A Digital Color Brain Atlas of the C57BL/6J Male Mouse, Wiley, 2008. The digital version of the atlas has been ... [ReadMore..]

flat universe model

Flat Universe Model

The scenario of an emergent universe provides a promising resolution to the big bang singularity in universes with positive or negative spatial curvature. It however remains unclear whether the scenar [ReadMore..]

how many dimensions exist

How Many Dimensions Exist

Relativity says we live in four dimensions. String theory says it’s 10. What are ‘dimensions’ and how do they affect reality? Jan 10, 2018 ... While on the local level we are trained to think of [ReadMore..]