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ant social structure

Ant Social Structure

Increases in group size alone, even in the absence of division of labor, can benefit members of the group, say researchers. Aug 23, 2018 ... Ants and humans live in large societies that allow for ela [ReadMore..]

ant colony hierarchy

Ant Colony Hierarchy

This paper proposes a hybrid PSO/ACO algorithm for hierarchical classification, where the classes to be predicted are arranged in a tree-like hierarchy. The performance of the algorithm is evaluated o [ReadMore..]

ant colony social structure

Ant Colony Social Structure

Dec 30, 2021 ... Leaf-cutting ants have both multi-queen colonies and multiply mated queens, providing a well-suited system for studying the co-evolutionary ... [ReadMore..]

tarnita lab princeton

Tarnita Lab Princeton

Madeleine Andrews. Madeleine Andrews. Levin/Rubenstein labs. Email: [email protected] ... Tarnita lab, QCB. Email: [email protected]¬†... [ReadMore..]