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computer math problems

Computer Math Problems

The GED ® Test On Computer. Mathematical Reasoning ... acquaint yourself with how a NCS Pearson, Inc. computer-based test will be administered (“Software”). [ReadMore..]

scientists who study soil

Scientists Who Study Soil

This World Soil Day, Food Tank is honoring 13 soil scientists from around the globe supporting the sustainable management of this precious resource. Dec 5, 2017 ... 13 Soil Scientists to Watch · 1.Do [ReadMore..]

study of soil science

Study Of Soil Science

Doing a Plant and Soil Science degree at the University of Aberdeen will provide ... to tolerance and pollutants; Studying soils across agricultural systems ... [ReadMore..]

theories of the universe

Theories Of The Universe

Learn about the big bang theory and how our universe got started. Jan 17, 2017 ... The best-supported theory of our universe's origin centers on an event known as the big bang. This theory was born of [ReadMore..]

real picture of a brain

Real Picture Of A Brain

Imagine tapping into the mind of a coma patient, or watching one’s own dream on YouTube. With a cutting-edge blend of brain imaging and computer simulation, UC Berkeley scientists are bringing thes [ReadMore..]

why does life exist

Why Does Life Exist

from "What Is Otherwise Infinite" published by Tin House Jan 18, 2022 ... And if it is immortal how is it thatit has an incurable diseaseand wanders arounda total aberration, a mutant, whilethe catamo [ReadMore..]

theories on why we exist

Theories On Why We Exist

Learn more about why we dream and explore some top dream theories. Dreams may play a role in memory storage and consolidation, but may have other purposes as well. Apr 7, 2021 ... Learn more about why [ReadMore..]

why does earth exist

Why Does Earth Exist

It is the right distance from the Sun, it is protected from harmful solar radiation by its magnetic field, it is kept warm by an insulating atmosphere, and it has the right chemical ingredients for... [ReadMore..]

why do humans exist

Why Do Humans Exist

Interest in incorporating life history research from evolutionary biology into the human sciences has grown rapidly in recent years. Two core features… Interest in incorporating life history researc [ReadMore..]

why is there life

Why Is There Life

Read about how to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort to relieve suffering when caring for a loved one who is dying. Sometimes, morphine or other pain medications can help relieve the s [ReadMore..]

new particle discovered

New Particle Discovered

A heavier sibling of an electron, known as a muon, is challenging the "Standard Model" of all the particles in the universe. Apr 7, 2021 ... In a seminar on Wednesday, researchers with Fermilab in Bat [ReadMore..]

ant society structure

Ant Society Structure

Ants live in complex social colonies, with the queen being the leader and the workers foraging and protecting their home. Learn more about ant colonies. The term "ant colony" describes not only the ph [ReadMore..]

expansion of universe

Expansion Of Universe

The Hubble Space Telescope has helped scientists understand that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, all while uncovering a mysterious wrinkle that only brand-new physics may solve. May [ReadMore..]

how fast is universe expanding

How Fast Is Universe Expanding

In June 2016, NASA and ESA scientists reported that the universe was found to be expanding 5% to 9% faster than ... [ReadMore..]

expansion rate of universe

Expansion Rate Of Universe

We present a new methodology to determine the expansion history of the Universe analyzing the spectral properties of early type galaxies (ETG). We found that for these galaxies the 4000Åbreak is a sp [ReadMore..]

new york times physics

New York Times Physics

The physicist ranges widely — from black holes to Buddhism to climate change — in his new book, “There Are Places in the World Where Rules Are Less Important Than Kindness.” May 5, 2022 ... Th [ReadMore..]

history of plate tectonics

History Of Plate Tectonics

Watch a video about how mapping the location of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes can tell us where tectonic plate boundaries are. [ReadMore..]

plate tectonics for kids

Plate Tectonics For Kids

Learn about plate tectonics using an orange. This hands on activity is a great introduction to plat boundaries and tectonics for kids Jan 13, 2021 ... As the plates move different things happen at whe [ReadMore..]

are saturn's rings solid

Are Saturn's Rings Solid

Are they solid like the CD you used to make your model? Or are they made of many particles dancing in formation around the planet? Four robotic spacecraft from ... [ReadMore..]

how were saturn's rings formed

How Were Saturn's Rings Formed

Cassini's last measurements also shed light on the core of Saturn Jan 17, 2019 ... Saturn's rings are just 100 million years old and formed when dinosaurs roamed Earth. This is much younger than Satur [ReadMore..]

the rings of saturn

The Rings Of Saturn

A physics-based mining sim, set in the thickest debris field in Sol. Every action has a reaction, lasers are invisible without a medium, and your thrust is a potent weapon. Find trade, adapt your equi [ReadMore..]

particle entanglement simply explained

Particle Entanglement Simply Explained

Feb 28, 2018 ... This difference however is quite subtle, and it requires some good thought to explain and understand, as it involves some probability theory. [ReadMore..]

topological qubits

Topological Qubits

Topological qubits can process and store quantum information. A new theory proposes that topological qubits can be synthesized in experimentally well-established conventional bilayer fractional quantu [ReadMore..]

what does rna look like

What Does Rna Look Like

Jan 12, 2006 ... In fact, dsRNA replication intermediates of RNA viruses, the vast majority of plant viruses, and/or high secondary structures of single stranded ... [ReadMore..]

what particle is light

What Particle Is Light

Particle size can be determined by measuring the random changes in the intensity of light scattered from a suspension or solution. This technique is commonly known as dynamic light scattering (DLS). I [ReadMore..]

scientific definition of particle

Scientific Definition Of Particle

In the physical sciences, a particle is a small localized object to which can be ascribed several physical or chemical properties, such as volume, density, ... [ReadMore..]

climate change before humans

Climate Change Before Humans

During the rise of mammals, Earth's temperatures spiked in a scary way that the planet may experience again soon. Aug 6, 2018 ... Scientists Have Uncovered a Disturbing Climate Change Precedent ... Wa [ReadMore..]

nobel prize crispr

Nobel Prize Crispr

Since it was first recognized in bacteria and archaea as a mechanism for innate viral immunity in the early 2010s, clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)/CRISPR-associated [ReadMore..]

black hole image

Black Hole Image

A growing body of evidence, including observations that produced the first image of Sagittarius A*, is starting to reveal the inner workings of our Galaxy’s core. May 25, 2022 ... As matter spirals [ReadMore..]

nasa new black hole images

Nasa New Black Hole Images

Supermassive black holes, with masses up to billions of times the Sun's, can be found at the centers of most big galaxies. Although a black hole does not ... [ReadMore..]

nasa black holes

Nasa Black Holes

May 26, 2022 ... Webb is an international program led by NASA with its partners, ESA (European Space Agency) and the Canadian Space Agency. Learn more about Webb ... [ReadMore..]

black holes images nasa

Black Holes Images Nasa

Apr 10, 2019 ... A black hole and its shadow have been captured in an image for the first time, a historic feat by an international network of radio telescopes ... [ReadMore..]

pictures of black holes in space

Pictures Of Black Holes In Space

Our first picture of a black hole was a huge moment for science. But we can’t stop there. We need better pictures that deliver more information. That’s how we’ll learn even more about these stra [ReadMore..]

can dna evolve

Can Dna Evolve

We at BioLogos marvel at the complexity of genetic information but agree with the majority of biologists that well-understood processes—which we understand to be under God's providential care—give [ReadMore..]

dinosaur to chicken

Dinosaur To Chicken

Chicken embryos have been altered so that the birds grow dinosaur-like snouts. May 12, 2015 ... Chicken embryos have been altered so that the birds grow dinosaur-like snouts. ... Biologists have creat [ReadMore..]

all about spider webs

All About Spider Webs

Relative to weight, the strength of a spider web rivals steel and Kevlar, the material used to make bullet-proof vests. Oct 27, 2016 ... 1. SPIDER SILK TRANSFORMS FROM LIQUID PROTEIN TO SOLID THREAD W [ReadMore..]

evidence for string theory

Evidence For String Theory

The Chandra X-ray couldn't find any extremely low-mass particles in the Perseus galaxy cluster. What now? Mar 23, 2020 ... String theory offers a way to harmonize all of physics together, something th [ReadMore..]

why is the universe expanding faster

Why Is The Universe Expanding Faster

The expansion rate is dropping, but distant galaxies are accelerating. Here's how. Jan 5, 2021 ... The expansion rate drops, asymptoting to a constant (but positive) value, while the expansion speed i [ReadMore..]

is our universe expanding

Is Our Universe Expanding

The evolution and content of our ballooning universe Jan 18, 2022 ... If so, the universe has no bounds and will expand forever, but the rate of expansion will gradually approach zero (opens in new ta [ReadMore..]

rate of universe expanding

Rate Of Universe Expanding

The Hubble telescope just made its best measurement yet of the universe's current expansion rate, but it still doesn't match the early universe. May 21, 2022 ... The new study confirms previous expans [ReadMore..]

speed of expanding universe

Speed Of Expanding Universe

Scientists aren't sure, and all of cosmic history depends on it Jul 16, 2019 ... Already mindbogglingly large, the universe is actually getting bigger all the time. Some of the nearest galaxies to our [ReadMore..]

string theory evidence

String Theory Evidence

Evidence that the universe is made of strings has been elusive for 30 years, but the theory's mathematical insights continue to have an alluring pull Evidence that the universe is made of strings has [ReadMore..]

is string theory proven

Is String Theory Proven

String theory isn’t complete. There are a vast number of different string theory solutions — literally billions of billions of billions of billions of different possible variants of string theory, [ReadMore..]

string theory experiments

String Theory Experiments

In a quest to map out a quantum theory of gravity, researchers have used logical rules to calculate how much Einstein’s theory must change. The result matches string theory perfectly. Jan 21, 2022 . [ReadMore..]

what happened to string theory

What Happened To String Theory

String theory has so far failed to live up to its promise as a way to unite gravity and quantum mechanics. At the same time, it has blossomed into one of the most useful sets of tools in science. Sep [ReadMore..]

cajal neuron drawings

Cajal Neuron Drawings

As far back as Leonardo da Vinci, artists have propelled our understanding of anatomy.  One artist named Santiago Ramón y Cajal (1852-1934)... Jun 17, 2021 ... But Ramón y Cajal believed neurons w [ReadMore..]

black hole big bang

Black Hole Big Bang

Accordingly, the Big Bang was a nonsingular Big Bounce at which the universe had a finite, minimum scale factor. ... Or, the Big Bang was a supermassive white ... [ReadMore..]

big bang worksheet pdf

Big Bang Worksheet Pdf

The Big Bang Theory. (NOT the TV show!) OCBS. BAZI. 1) A redshift in the spectrum of the light coming from an object indicates the object is moving. [ReadMore..]

black hole to another universe

Black Hole To Another Universe

And, like cosmic Russian dolls, our universe may be nested inside a black hole in another universe, a new study suggests. Apr 12, 2010 ... According to a mind-bending new theory, a black hole is actua [ReadMore..]

artificial intelligence research papers

Artificial Intelligence Research Papers

UPDATE: We’ve also summarized the top 2019 and top 2020 AI & machine learning research papers. Trying to keep up with AI research papers can feel like an exercise in futility given how quickly the [ReadMore..]

the joy of x podcast

The Joy Of X Podcast

Find books like The Joy of x: A Guided Tour of Math, from One to Infinity from the world's largest community of readers. Goodreads members who liked The ... [ReadMore..]

google crystals

Google Crystals

Google has developed a discrete time crystal on a quantum computer. However, claims that it violates thermodynamics are untrue. Sep 17, 2021 ... Google has developed a discrete time crystal on a quant [ReadMore..]

google time crystal discovery

Google Time Crystal Discovery

A team of physicists working with Google claim, in pre-print research, they've created actual time crystals inside a quantum computer. This could be huge! Dec 27, 2021 ... Eureka! A research team feat [ReadMore..]

google quantum time crystals

Google Quantum Time Crystals

Time crystals sound like something a video game character would be trying to collect, but this bizarre phase of matter is very real – and now one of them has been created in Google’s quantum proce [ReadMore..]

google time crystal

Google Time Crystal

A team of researchers including ones from Stanford and Google have created and observed a new phase of matter, popularly known as a time crystal. Nov 30, 2021 ... Stanford physicists help create time [ReadMore..]

big bounce theory

Big Bounce Theory

The Big Bounce Theory has the best selection of bounce house rentals Long Island has to offer. Browse our large assortment of inflatable rentals for events. The Big Bounce Theory is a full service par [ReadMore..]

jellyfish dna

Jellyfish Dna

A chemically powered jellyfish-like micromotor was proposed by using a multimetallic shell and a DNA assembly with catalase decorations modified on the concave surface to simulate the umbrella-shaped [ReadMore..]

the sun is a hologram

The Sun Is A Hologram

View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1989 Vinyl release of "Sun King" on Discogs. May 14, 2022 ... View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1989 Vinyl release of "Sun King" on Discogs. [ReadMore..]

saturn's ring

Saturn's Ring

Apr 19, 2022 ... Rings of Saturn. Radius (km), Radius/ Eq. radius, Optical Depth, Albedo, Thickness (m), Surf. Density (g/cm2), Eccentricity. [ReadMore..]

infinities bigger than other infinities

Infinities Bigger Than Other Infinities

Oct 16, 2017 ... As Hazel says to Augustus, 'Some infinities are bigger than other infinities … There are days, many of them, when I resent the size of my ... [ReadMore..]

fermi paradox solved

Fermi Paradox Solved

A pair of researchers, one with the Carnegie Institution for Science, the other with California Institute of Technology, has developed a possible solution to the Fermi Paradox. In their paper publishe [ReadMore..]

answers to the fermi paradox

Answers To The Fermi Paradox

May 29, 2013 ... 'Where is everybody?' That's the question of Fermi's Paradox, the seemingly bizarre contradiction between some estimates of a high ... [ReadMore..]

google time crystal quantum computer

Google Time Crystal Quantum Computer

Quantum computer simulates perpetually cycling system Mar 2, 2022 ... Physicists in Australia have programmed a quantum computer half a world away to make, or at least simulate, a record-size time cry [ReadMore..]

universe expanding faster

Universe Expanding Faster

A new, precise measurement of how fast the universe is expanding doesn’t agree with predictions based on our current understanding of the physics of the cosmos Jun 2, 2016 ... Astronomers have obtai [ReadMore..]

bird evolution

Bird Evolution

The first findings of the Avian Phylogenomics Consortium are being reported nearly simultaneously in 29 papers -- eight papers in a Dec. 12 special issue of Science and 21 more in Genome Biology, Giga [ReadMore..]

et aliens attack earth

Et Aliens Attack Earth

Oct 30, 2018 ... Would E.T. Contact Cause Panic Today? ... A militaristic alien attack would involve extraterrestrials that are not only intelligent and ... [ReadMore..]

cosmic object keeps exploding

Cosmic Object Keeps Exploding

If we survive for another 7.59 billion years, our planet will spiral into the outer layers of the dying sun and melt away forever. Jan 19, 2017 ... The following cosmic disasters are just a few ways h [ReadMore..]

neurons drawing

Neurons Drawing

An experiment demonstrates that knowledge leads to creativity. May 31, 2013 ... neuron drawings.jpg. Science Education. What would you draw if somebody told you to draw a neuron? According to a new st [ReadMore..]

how do aliens look

How Do Aliens Look

Perhaps not the way you’d expect … Feb 16, 2018 ... If that's how Earthlings are going to deal with the news that there's life beyond on Earth, why risk looking for it? Well, maybe it won't be so [ReadMore..]

weird theories about life

Weird Theories About Life

Area 51, the JFK assassination, sightings of Bigfoot: These have sparked some of the most popular conspiracy theories countrywide. Nov 11, 2020 ... February 10, 1977, is a very important day in UFO co [ReadMore..]

what is junk dna

What Is Junk Dna

January 29, 2020 – John Quackenbush, Henry Pickering Walcott Professor of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics and chair of the Department of Biostatistics, is trying to understand how our gene [ReadMore..]

quantum physics entanglement experiment

Quantum Physics Entanglement Experiment

Physicists are still arguing whether the phenomenon is real or not. Oct 28, 2015 ... Specifically, scientists are squirming over a bizarre phenomenon of quantum mechanics called "entanglement," where [ReadMore..]

examples of quantum entanglement

Examples Of Quantum Entanglement

Quantum physics is the branch of physics that describes the behavior of particles at the smallest possible scales. In the quantum realm, quantum mechanical effects become significant and particles … [ReadMore..]

names of saturn's rings

Names Of Saturn's Rings

Saturn Ring Plane Crossing, 1995. Structure In The Rings. By 1675, Jean Dominique Cassini had discovered a gap in the rings that now bears his name (the ... [ReadMore..]

time crystals uses

Time Crystals Uses

We have all seen crystals, whether a simple grain of salt or sugar, or an elaborate and beautiful amethyst. These crystals are made of atoms or molecules repeating in a symmetrical three-dimensional p [ReadMore..]

joy of x podcast

Joy Of X Podcast

The acclaimed mathematician and author Steven Strogatz interviews some of the world’s leading scientists about their lives and work. The Joy of x. The acclaimed mathematician and author Steven Strog [ReadMore..]

steven strogatz podcast

Steven Strogatz Podcast

Mathematician Steven Strogatz shows how math doesn’t deserve it’s negative stigma, and is in fact the key to exploring and understanding the beauty of our world. A podcast about mastering the best [ReadMore..]

how did the sun form

How Did The Sun Form

Dec 1, 2021 ... To find out more about how stars like our sun form, I talked to my friend Jose Vazquez, an astronomer at Washington State University. [ReadMore..]

big bounce theory universe

Big Bounce Theory Universe

When it comes to theories of the universe, the Big Bang theory is almost accepted as a fact. However, it's still uncertain, and some scientists believe that the universe didn't began with a bang, but [ReadMore..]

eternal space theory

Eternal Space Theory

Eternal return is a concept that all existence and energy has been recurring, and will ... to recur an infinite number of times across infinite time or space. [ReadMore..]

did the universe have a beginning

Did The Universe Have A Beginning

A recent challenge to Stephen Hawking’s biggest idea — about how the universe might have come from nothing — has cosmologists choosing sides. Jun 6, 2019 ... The Penrose-Hawking “singularity t [ReadMore..]

quantum time

Quantum Time

A Chronon is a proposed quantum of time, that is, a discrete and indivisible "unit" of time as part of a hypothesis that proposes that time is not ... [ReadMore..]

different alien species on earth

Different Alien Species On Earth

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Time for Global Action for People and Planet May 6, 2019 ... The essential, interconnected web of life on Earth is getting smaller ... The numbers of inv [ReadMore..]

alien beings on planet earth

Alien Beings On Planet Earth

There can be little doubt that civilizations more advanced than the earth's exist elsewhere in the universe. The probabilities involved in locating one of them call for a substantial effort. Or are th [ReadMore..]

real time crystals

Real Time Crystals

Time crystals that persist indefinitely at room temperature could have applications in precision timekeeping. We have all seen crystals, whether a simple grain of salt or sugar, or an elaborate and be [ReadMore..]

time crystal made

Time Crystal Made

Time crystals — a form of matter that “ticks” when exposed to an electromagnetic pulse — may help to build better atomic clocks, gyroscopes, and quantum tech. May 2, 2018 ... Time crystals — [ReadMore..]

quantum entanglement example

Quantum Entanglement Example

For example, if a pair of entangled particles is generated such that their total spin is known to be zero, and one particle is found to have clockwise spin ... [ReadMore..]

why does the universe exist

Why Does The Universe Exist

The Kalam cosmological argument asserts that everything that exists has a cause, and what caused the Universe? It's got to be God. Nov 3, 2021 ... We know that everything in the Universe, as it exists [ReadMore..]

how was the universe created from nothing

How Was The Universe Created From Nothing

Cosmologists assume that natural quantum fluctuations allowed the Big Bang to happen spontaneously. Now they have a mathematical proof One of the great theories of modern cosmology is that the univers [ReadMore..]

how does the universe exist

How Does The Universe Exist

The overwhelming majority of scientists still takes it for granted that classical mechanics (ClM) is nothing but a limiting case of quantum mechanics (QM). Although some physicists restrict this belie [ReadMore..]

why is there a universe

Why Is There A Universe

A recent challenge to Stephen Hawking’s biggest idea — about how the universe might have come from nothing — has cosmologists choosing sides. Jun 6, 2019 ... Hawking, in his brilliance, saw a wa [ReadMore..]

stephen hawking multiverse

Stephen Hawking Multiverse

Professor Stephen Hawking’s final theory on the origin of the universe, which he worked on in collaboration with Professor Thomas Hertog from KU Leuven, has May 2, 2018 ... “The usual theory of et [ReadMore..]

space dust

Space Dust

Cosmic dust, also called extraterrestrial dust or space dust, is dust which exists in outer space, or has fallen on Earth. ... Most cosmic dust particles measure ... [ReadMore..]

global cooling 2020

Global Cooling 2020

Author to whom correspondence should be addressed. Climate 2020, 8(11), 130; Received: 27 ... [ReadMore..]

fast brains

Fast Brains

An automated method for segmenting magnetic resonance head images into brain and non-brain has been developed. It is very robust and accurate and has been tested on thousands of data sets from a wide. [ReadMore..]

expansion of space

Expansion Of Space

The latest measurements with the Hubble Space Telescope suggest the universe is expanding faster than scientists' models predict—a hint that some unknown ingredient could be at work in the cosmos. D [ReadMore..]

supersonic ice

Supersonic Ice

The researchers at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California have created something they named ‘supersonic ice’, subsequently dubbed Ice XVIII, and it sounds like something out of a Sci [ReadMore..]

ice xviii

Ice Xviii

High pressure superionic form of water may hold clues to behaviour of giant icy planets in our solar system May 13, 2019 ... Shock compression has been used by US researchers to infer the structure of [ReadMore..]

what is superionic

What Is Superionic

A new experiment confirms the existence of “superionic ice,” a bizarre form of water that might comprise the bulk of giant icy planets throughout the universe. May 8, 2019 ... The findings, publis [ReadMore..]

superionic black ice

Superionic Black Ice

Water can take on far more forms than many people give it credit for, and now scientists have recreated a particularly bizarre one in the lab – a “hot black ice” that may exist deep inside plane [ReadMore..]

theory of the universe

Theory Of The Universe

The Big Bang is widely accepted as being the beginning of everything we see around us, but other theories that are gathering support among scientists are suggesting otherwise. Jan 17, 2020 ... The “ [ReadMore..]

different theories of the universe

Different Theories Of The Universe

Why is the universe the way it is? Scientists have explored many ways to explain the cosmos, leading to some crazy-sounding ideas. Jul 16, 2021 ... 10 wild theories about the universe · 1. Braneworld [ReadMore..]

theories about creation of universe

Theories About Creation Of Universe

creationism, the belief that the universe and the various forms of life were created by God out of nothing (ex nihilo). It is a response primarily to modern evolutionary theory, which explains the di [ReadMore..]

other theories of the universe

Other Theories Of The Universe

Cosmology is one of the most creative and bizarre areas of science. Explore some of the strangest ideas in this exclusive feature Sep 4, 2006 ... 1. Clashing branes · 2. Evolving universes · 3. Supe [ReadMore..]

origin of the universe theories

Origin Of The Universe Theories

The term "evolution" usually refers to the biological evolution of living things. But the processes by which planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe form and change over time are also types of "evo [ReadMore..]

beginning of universe theories

Beginning Of Universe Theories

S By far the most popular theory in science today is the big bang theory, the idea that the universe came into existence at a certain point in time roughly 15 to ... [ReadMore..]

rock paper scissors against computer

Rock Paper Scissors Against Computer

Play Rock Paper Scissors against your computer! Unfortunately, your browser doesn't support accessing your webcam. Try loading this page in a desktop ... [ReadMore..]

rock paper scissors strategy

Rock Paper Scissors Strategy

New research on lizards supports an old idea about how species can originate. Feb 17, 2010 ... Side-blotched lizards have three color morphs with different mating strategies, but in some populations o [ReadMore..]

world quantum day

World Quantum Day

Apr 14, 2022 ... Today, is the first-ever official World Quantum Day. April 14th – or “4.14” – marks the first 3 digits of Plank's constant –which set the ... [ReadMore..]

is the expansion of the universe accelerating

Is The Expansion Of The Universe Accelerating

Is the Expansion of the Universe Accelerating? All Signs Still Point to Yes: A Local Dipole Anisotropy Cannot Explain Dark Energy. [ReadMore..]

how is the universe expanding

How Is The Universe Expanding

Space is expanding ever more rapidly and scientists are researching dark energy to understand why. Jun 21, 2017 ... A competing theory posits that the universe is expanding ever more rapidly because g [ReadMore..]

is the universe a simulation

Is The Universe A Simulation

Observable consequences of the hypothesis that the observed universe is a numerical simulation performed on a cubic space-time lattice or grid are explored. The simulation scenario is first motivated [ReadMore..]

proof of simulated universe

Proof Of Simulated Universe

Is all of existence just an advanced computer simulation? It's not entirely out of the question — we may be nothing more than simulated reality. Jul 14, 2020 ... Are we inadvertently strengthening t [ReadMore..]

proof we live in a simulation

Proof We Live In A Simulation

If true, this idea could even help us understand all of the dark matter in our universe. Mar 30, 2022 ... ... Could Be the Fifth State of Matter, Proving We Live in a Simulation ... Positrons and elec [ReadMore..]

do we live in a simulation

Do We Live In A Simulation

“If we are living in a simulation, then the cosmos that we are observing is just a tiny piece of the totality of physical existence." Jul 6, 2019 ... “If we are living in a simulation, then the co [ReadMore..]

are we in a simulation

Are We In A Simulation

Does progress in simulation translate to progress on robots? If one method outperforms another in simulation, how likely is that trend to hold in reality on a robot? We examine this question for embod [ReadMore..]

proof reality is a simulation

Proof Reality Is A Simulation

We explain why, if we live in a simulated reality, we might expect to see occasional glitches and small drifts in the supposed constants and laws of Nature over ... [ReadMore..]

who made the sun

Who Made The Sun

‘The song blew up at the end of summer 1989, by which time a whole generation were going to outdoor raves. What other record are you going to play at 5.30am?’ Aug 24, 2020 ... The Beloved: how we [ReadMore..]

pictures of saturn rings

Pictures Of Saturn Rings

Apr 25, 2018 ... NASA's Cassini spacecraft captured this view of Saturn's rings on Aug. 22, 2009. Behold: Saturn. Saturn, Half-Lit and Tilted. [ReadMore..]

what are saturn's rings made of

What Are Saturn's Rings Made Of

What are Saturn's rings made of? Saturn's rings are made of billions of pieces of ice, dust and rocks. Some of these particles are as small as a grain of salt, while others are as big as ... [ReadMore..]

saturn has rings

Saturn Has Rings

The rings of Saturn are the most extensive ring system of any planet in the Solar System. They consist of countless small particles, ranging in size from ... [ReadMore..]

universe expands

Universe Expands

In just 100 million years, the universe could start to shrink, new research suggests. May 2, 2022 ... After nearly 13.8 billion years of nonstop expansion, the universe could soon grind to a standstil [ReadMore..]

map of the brain

Map Of The Brain

The connectome—a map of the human brain—is revolutionizing what we know about the brain's structure and function. Feb 26, 2021 ... The HCP is a massive NIH-funded collaboration to use neuroimaging [ReadMore..]

where did the universe come from

Where Did The Universe Come From

One of the greatest mysteries is where the universe came from. Scientists know one thing for sure: The universe plays by its own rules. Dec 26, 2016 ... One of the greatest mysteries is where the univ [ReadMore..]

how did the universe start from nothing

How Did The Universe Start From Nothing

Apparently, quantum mechanics debunks the old adage "there is no free lunch" - because, scientists believe that the universe arose out of 'nothing' during the ... [ReadMore..]

alien life forms

Alien Life Forms

Scientists said on Monday they have detected in the harshly acidic clouds of Venus a gas called phosphine that indicates microbes may inhabit Earth's inhospitable neighbor, a tantalizing sign of poten [ReadMore..]

nasa strange pictures from mars

Nasa Strange Pictures From Mars

SPACE geeks were left stunned after noticing a “mysterious object” on Mars. The strange cylinder-like piece was captured in a shot taken by Nasa’s Perseverance rover. One person s… SPACE geeks [ReadMore..]

real alien life forms

Real Alien Life Forms

The tenets of Thomas Bayes, an 18th-century statistician and minister, underpin the latest estimates of the prevalence of extraterrestrial life Jul 16, 2020 ... And if, just as on our world, life on o [ReadMore..]

proof of alien life

Proof Of Alien Life

See the evidence for yourself Ancient evidence. It's easy enough to write off much recent phenomena, quoting anything from wayward weather balloons to the perpetuation of the legend and UFO ... [ReadMore..]

real proof of alien existence

Real Proof Of Alien Existence

How seriously should you take those recent reports of UFOs? Ask the Pentagon. Or read this primer for the SETI-curious. Mar 20, 2018 ... But many admit nothing explains it adequately, and even if the [ReadMore..]

alien life forms found

Alien Life Forms Found

The ammonia on Venus may be explained by ‘something’ biological making the clouds habitable, scientists suggest Dec 21, 2021 ... The ammonia on Venus may be explained by 'something' biological mak [ReadMore..]

alien life forms on earth

Alien Life Forms On Earth

Apr 6, 2015 ... NEW YORK — Animals that survive in some of the most extreme environments on Earth — places once thought to be totally inhospitable — have ... [ReadMore..]

alien life found on mars

Alien Life Found On Mars

NASA and the European Space Agency are gearing up to bring home a pristine sample of Martian rock. But given the small chance of life on the red planet, they have to grapple with safety questions. May [ReadMore..]

universe expanded

Universe Expanded

The universe is getting bigger every second — but how fast? Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope say they have crossed an important threshold in revealing a discrepancy between the two ke [ReadMore..]

ringwoodite ocean

Ringwoodite Ocean

May 5, 2014 ... A "true subterranean ocean" would suggest a vast amount of liquid water in the mantle. This is most probably not present, for which there ... [ReadMore..]

google crystal

Google Crystal

About Me I am an associate professor of Economics at the University of South Carolina. I received my Ph.D. in Economics from the University of California, San Diego in 2013. My research interests are [ReadMore..]

nasa gamma ray burst

Nasa Gamma Ray Burst

Gamma-ray Coordination Network provides the distribution of GRB (and other transients) locations detected by various spacecraft and distributes to the world ... [ReadMore..]

gamma ray burst hitting earth

Gamma Ray Burst Hitting Earth

On Dec. 27, 2004, scientists detected the largest gamma-ray burst ever recorded. It came from a magnetar—a neutron star with an enormous magnetic field—50,000 light years away. On Feb. 19 in St. L [ReadMore..]

neutron star collision with earth

Neutron Star Collision With Earth

Ancient Neutron-Star Crash Made Enough Gold and Uranium to Fill Earth's Oceans. By Charles Q. Choi published May 08, 2019. Scientists have found evidence of ... [ReadMore..]

neutron star collision black hole

Neutron Star Collision Black Hole

The black hole-neutron star collision provides a glimpse into how cataclysmic cosmic explosions impact the expansion and shrinking of space-time. Jun 29, 2021 ... The black hole-neutron star collision [ReadMore..]

how many numbers exist

How Many Numbers Exist

Taiwan - the United Nations considers it represented by the People's Republic of China; The Cook Islands and Niue, both states in free association with New ... [ReadMore..]

how fast is the universe expanding

How Fast Is The Universe Expanding

The universe is getting bigger every second — but how fast? Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope say they have crossed an important threshold in revealing a discrepancy between the two ke [ReadMore..]

universe expanding faster than light

Universe Expanding Faster Than Light

How the Universe’s expansion rate continues to baffle us. Jun 24, 2017 ... But faster than the speed of light? You need to be in the same location in order to measure that. Relative to our location, [ReadMore..]

universe expanding rate

Universe Expanding Rate

The universe is getting bigger every second — but how fast? Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope say they have crossed an important threshold in revealing a discrepancy between the two ke [ReadMore..]

universe expanding at increasing speed

Universe Expanding At Increasing Speed

Physicists have proposed extra cosmic ingredients that could explain the faster-than-expected expansion of space. Apr 27, 2020 ... An extra dose of dark energy in the early universe, dubbed early dark [ReadMore..]

how will the universe end

How Will The Universe End

The universe will cease to exist around the same time our sun is slated to die, according to new predictions based on the multiverse theory. Oct 28, 2010 ... The universe will cease to exist around th [ReadMore..]

does the universe ever end

Does The Universe Ever End

Dear Dr. Universe: Where does the universe end? — Oriah, 8, Pullman Feb 29, 2020 ... When you look up at the night sky, it can feel like the universe is a big blanket of stars above you. But unlike [ReadMore..]

end of the universe theories

End Of The Universe Theories

Researchers theorize on whether the cosmos will end in fire, ice or something else. The Big Freeze. Many current theories suggest dark energy is a cosmological constant, a kind of uniform energy that [ReadMore..]

where does space end

Where Does Space End

You asked, we answered No, they don't believe there's an end to space. However, we can only see a certain volume of all that's out there. Since the universe is 13.8 billion years old, ... [ReadMore..]

where does the universe end

Where Does The Universe End

In the far, far future, cosmologists find a final supernova light show The known laws of physics suggest that by about 10100 (the No. 1 followed by 100 zeros) years from now, star birth will cease, ga [ReadMore..]

is there an end to space

Is There An End To Space

This one's a real head-scratcher. Feb 25, 2022 ... What's beyond the known limits? What lies outside the boundary of the universe? The answer is — well, it's complicated. [ReadMore..]

will the universe die

Will The Universe Die

Astrophysicist Katie Mack’s book explores all the ways the cosmos could destroy itself. Aug 10, 2020 ... Scientists know how the world will end. The Sun will run out of fuel and enter its red-giant [ReadMore..]

block universe theory of time

Block Universe Theory Of Time

It is sometimes referred to as the "block time" or "block universe" theory due to its description of space-time as an unchanging four-dimensional "block", ... [ReadMore..]

will covid ever be over

Will Covid Ever Be Over

The race between vaccinations and new variant strains won’t end until Covid-19 has touched almost everyone. Sep 12, 2021 ... How Will Covid End? ... What seems clear is that the pandemic will not b [ReadMore..]

has string theory been proven

Has String Theory Been Proven

Many scientists have hoped string theory will one day lead to a unified theory of physics. But if it can’t, dark matter, dark energy, and cosmic inflation are in trouble. Jul 27, 2015 ... For more t [ReadMore..]

string theory proof

String Theory Proof

The official website for NOVA. NOVA is the most-watched prime time science series on American television, reaching an average of five million viewers weekly. Sep 24, 2012 ... These results would not [ReadMore..]

has string theory been proved

Has String Theory Been Proved

Because of these obstacles, the number of physicists working on the theory had dropped to two—Schwarz and Michael Green of Queen Mary College, London—by the mid-1980s. But in 1984 these two die-ha [ReadMore..]

superionic ice

Superionic Ice

The new phase of water might be an important sign of a planet's ability to host life. Oct 28, 2021 ... Scientists have discovered a new phase of water — adding to liquid, solid and gas — know as " [ReadMore..]

new phase of water

New Phase Of Water

The mind-bending material would be like a sponge made of water that's leaking water. Apr 8, 2019 ... The mind-bending material would be like a sponge made of water that's leaking water. As a small par [ReadMore..]

vitali prakapenka

Vitali Prakapenka

(University of Chicago) scientist / Argonne Nat'l Lab Beamline scientist, High-pressure / high-temperature Diamond AnvilCell (University of Chicago) scientist / Argonne Nat'l Lab Beamline scientist, H [ReadMore..]

superionic matter

Superionic Matter

A team of scientists has discovered evidence of a novel, black "superionic" water ice that represents a wholly new phase of matter. Oct 26, 2021 ... Behold, Black 'Superionic Ice' Is the Latest Phase [ReadMore..]

superionic water

Superionic Water

Bizarre state of water with solid and liquid properties offers answer to Neptune and Uranus' magnetic field mystery Feb 8, 2018 ... Bizarre state of water with solid and liquid properties offers answe [ReadMore..]

black superionic ice

Black Superionic Ice

Superionic water, also called superionic ice or ice XVIII is a phase of water that exists at extremely high temperatures and ... [ReadMore..]

quantum entanglement

Quantum Entanglement

All our former experience with application of quantum theory seems to say: {\it what is predicted by quantum formalism must occur in laboratory}. But the essence of quantum formalism - entanglement, r [ReadMore..]

death bubbles universe

Death Bubbles Universe

Reginald "Bubbles" Cousins is a fictional character on the HBO drama The Wire, ... In-universe information. Alias. Bubbles; Bubbs; Bubs. Gender, Male. [ReadMore..]

google quantum time crystal

Google Quantum Time Crystal

Google's quantum computer has been used to build a "time crystal" according to freshly-published research, a new phase of matter that upends the traditional laws… Jul 30, 2021 ... Google's quantum c [ReadMore..]

time crystals google

Time Crystals Google


fuzzball string theory

Fuzzball String Theory

Nov 5, 2019 ... String theory dynamics on these backgrounds is described by an exactly solvable null- gauged WZW model. We develop the formalism of null ... [ReadMore..]

new brain blueprint review

New Brain Blueprint Review

To review general principles of brain development, identify basic principles of brain plasticity, and discuss factors that influence brain development and plasticity.A literature review of relevant En [ReadMore..]

birth live

Birth Live

Month of birth influences adult life expectancy at ages 50+. Why? In two countries of the Northern Hemisphere–Austria and Denmark–people born in aut... In two countries of the Northern Hemisphere [ReadMore..]

muon g 2 results

Muon G 2 Results

The muon magnetic anomaly, aμ=(gμ−2)/2, plays a special role in the history of the Standard Model (SM). Precise calculations and measurements of this … Following a review of the experimental eff [ReadMore..]

muon g 2 news

Muon G 2 News

Combined results from Fermilab and Brookhaven show strong evidence that our best theoretical model of the subatomic world is incomplete. Apr 7, 2021 ... The following news release was issued today by [ReadMore..]

ocean inside the earth

Ocean Inside The Earth

Some scientists think Earth's oceans formed when icy comets hit the planet. But new research suggests a different origin for the oceans: they simply seeped out of the center of the Earth. The finding, [ReadMore..]

neuron drawings

Neuron Drawings

A needlework project pays tribute to the iconic drawings of Spanish neuroscientist Santiago Ramón y Cajal. Feb 4, 2021 ... Volunteers re-create iconic drawings by Spanish neuroscientist Santiago Ram [ReadMore..]

kurt goedel proof of god

Kurt Goedel Proof Of God

Kurt Gödel’s last proof is the author of Journey to the Edge of Reason: The Life of Kurt Gödel. Tags. Gödel's theorem Incompleteness theorems Kurt Gödel Mathematics Ontological proof ... [ReadMore..]

godel's proof of god

Godel's Proof Of God

Two scientists have formalized a theorem regarding the existence of God penned by mathematician Kurt Gödel. But the God angle is somewhat of a red herring -- the real step forward is the example it s [ReadMore..]

godel's proof of god's existence

Godel's Proof Of God's Existence

Two scientists have formalized a theorem regarding the existence of God penned by mathematician Kurt Gödel. But the God angle is somewhat of a red herring -- the real step forward is the example it s [ReadMore..]

is science real

Is Science Real

Scientists and their supporters took to the streets of Washington and other cities around the country and the world Saturday, with many expressing worries about a diminishing role for fact-based resea [ReadMore..]

real science is dead

Real Science Is Dead

Empirically investigating brushes with the afterlife Apr 15, 2015 ... The 2014 movie Heaven Is for Real, about a young boy who told his parents he had visited heaven while he was having emergency surg [ReadMore..]

science is real meaning

Science Is Real Meaning

You can also read or download a complete .pdf version of this essay HERE. I teach at Harvard that the world and the heavens, and the stars are all real, but not so damned real.[i] In my neighborhoo… [ReadMore..]

shape of the universe nasa

Shape Of The Universe Nasa

We have long thought the universe was flat. New research shows it could be curved, and that raises questions about our understanding of the cosmos. Nov 6, 2019 ... Figure from the 1600s showing Ptolem [ReadMore..]

black hole picture

Black Hole Picture

The development of the algorithm that made it possible to create the first image ever of a black hole was led by computer scientist Katie Bouman while she was still a graduate student at MIT. Bouman s [ReadMore..]

first image of a black hole year

First Image Of A Black Hole Year

As many astronomers have explained since the release of the first image of a black hole, the ability to photograph a black hole is opening up a new era in astrophysics. May 1, 2019 ... On Wednesday, A [ReadMore..]

real pictures of black holes in space

Real Pictures Of Black Holes In Space

The idea of a black hole - an object so massive that nothing could escape the ... A black hole is a true "hole" in space: Anything that crosses the edge of ... [ReadMore..]

first picture of black hole

First Picture Of Black Hole

Imaging scientist Katie Bouman chats with the PBS NewsHour about how she crafted an algorithm that constructed the first ever photo of a black hole. Apr 11, 2019 ... Imaging scientist Katie Bouman hel [ReadMore..]

real black hole pictures

Real Black Hole Pictures

In April 2017, scientists used a global network of telescopes to see and capture the first-ever picture of a black hole, according to an announcement by researchers at the National Science Foundation [ReadMore..]

new black hole image

New Black Hole Image

Scientists proposed a technique that would allow us to see more of the unseeable. Mar 29, 2020 ... The first image of a black hole, taken by the Event Horizon Telescope and released to the world last [ReadMore..]

actual photo of black hole

Actual Photo Of Black Hole

Here’s how the Event Horizon Telescope team pieced together the now-famous image of a black hole Here's how the Event Horizon Telescope team pieced together the now-famous image of a black hole ... [ReadMore..]

google time crystals

Google Time Crystals

In condensed matter physics, a time crystal is a quantum system of particles whose lowest-energy state is one in which the particles are in repetitive ... [ReadMore..]

aliens look like

Aliens Look Like

Zoologist and astrobiologist Dr Arik Kershenbaum reveals what life on Earth could tell us about extraterrestrials. What do aliens look like? Animals on Earth may hold the answer. By. Dr Arik Kershenba [ReadMore..]

cosmology news today

Cosmology News Today

Cosmologist Kendrick Smith will present a free live Webcast on the quest to understand the origin of the universe   Feb 4, 2015 ... Watch Live Today: The Future of Cosmology [Video]. Cosmologist Ken [ReadMore..]

are aliens real proof

Are Aliens Real Proof

The author of They Are Already Here: UFO Culture and Why We See Saucers responds to Max Barry’s “It Came From Cruden Farm.” Feb 29, 2020 ... Take the real-world 1947 events in Roswell: After a r [ReadMore..]

what might aliens look like

What Might Aliens Look Like

The Atacama skeleton, or Ata, named after the Chilean desert where the unusual remains were found, attracted UFO hunters, but analysis reveals human genes. Mar 22, 2018 ... The Atacama skeleton, or At [ReadMore..]

are aliens real

Are Aliens Real

For decades, flying saucers were a punch line. Then the U.S. government got over the taboo. Apr 30, 2021 ... The idea that aliens had frequented our planet had been circulating among ufologists since [ReadMore..]

types of aliens on earth

Types Of Aliens On Earth

On a geologic timescale, the emergence of the human “dataome” is like a sudden invasion by extraterrestrials or an asteroid impact that precipitates a mass extinction May 13, 2021 ... Something [ReadMore..]

nasa saturn rings

Nasa Saturn Rings

The planet’s defining feature is slowly disappearing. Mar 28, 2022 ... In 2017, a NASA spacecraft called Cassini skimmed past Saturn's rings, sending home as much information as possible before it w [ReadMore..]

saturn rings images

Saturn Rings Images

In its final year, Cassini plunged where no spacecraft had plunged before, down in the space between Saturn and its rings. Again and again it dove, for a total of 22 orbits. In the data collecting dur [ReadMore..]

saturn rings disappear

Saturn Rings Disappear

The “ring rain” that falls into the gas giant is so abundant that the icy bands could disappear in 300 million years, or even sooner. Dec 17, 2018 ... The “ring rain” that falls into the gas g [ReadMore..]

saturn rings up close

Saturn Rings Up Close

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft took these stunning photos of Saturn’s rings on December 18, 2016, while it was performing one of its ‘ring-grazing’ orbits. Jan 31, 2017 ... This Cassini image featu [ReadMore..]

examples of junk dna

Examples Of Junk Dna

A revolution in biology is afoot: Geneticists are now trying to better understand the regions of our DNA that aren't actual genes. Previously, scientists hadn't known what purpose this so-called junk [ReadMore..]

junk dna is not junk

Junk Dna Is Not Junk

R. I. R.I.P., junk DNA: not the DNA as such, but the moniker that has described it in a misleading fashion for years. Scientists have long known that vast ... [ReadMore..]

what does junk dna do

What Does Junk Dna Do

Feb 12, 2007 ... It appears that these transposable elements are not useless DNA. Instead, they interact with the surrounding genomic environment and increase ... [ReadMore..]

purpose of junk dna

Purpose Of Junk Dna

But now this so-called junk DNA is turning out to play vital roles in normal genome function. Rachel Nowak. Science • 4 Feb 1994 • ... [ReadMore..]

why is junk dna important

Why Is Junk Dna Important

Junk DNA in humans is actually very useful. Some researchers believe 80 percent of junk DNA does something, somewhere in your body. Other researchers suggested ... [ReadMore..]

how thick are saturn's rings

How Thick Are Saturn's Rings

Saturn's biggest ring just broke its own record. Jun 10, 2015 ... Saturn's biggest ring just broke its own record. Scientists have found that the planet's Phoebe ring is more than twice the thickness [ReadMore..]

saturn surface

Saturn Surface

Feb 17, 2010 ... This past weekend, humanity's Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft passed as close to Saturn's small moon Calypso as it ever has, and imaged the ... [ReadMore..]

how wide are saturn's rings

How Wide Are Saturn's Rings

The dense main rings extend from 7,000 km (4,300 mi) to 80,000 km (50,000 mi) away from Saturn's equator, whose radius is 60,300 km (37,500 mi) (see Major ... [ReadMore..]

saturn ice rings

Saturn Ice Rings

Data from the last days of the NASA spacecraft Cassini show that Saturn’s beautiful, extensive rings are relatively young – perhaps created when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Jan 23, 2019 ... While [ReadMore..]

saturn's rings sound

Saturn's Rings Sound

The sounds you are about to experience will lead you on a journey to the enigmatic Saturn, the planet that represents the limitations of the mind as it is ... [ReadMore..]

dark matter is found in

Dark Matter Is Found In

Astronomers found the best evidence yet for a galaxy without dark matter. This discovery could reshape how scientists think galaxies form. Dec 9, 2021 ... Astronomers may have found a galaxy that form [ReadMore..]

facts about dark matter

Facts About Dark Matter

Abstract. Accurately predicting the demographics of dark matter (DM) substructure is of paramount importance for many fields of astrophysics, including gravitat Accurately predicting the demographics [ReadMore..]

dark matter studies

Dark Matter Studies

The digital electronics designed, developed, delivered, and installed by Rochester researchers are an integral piece of the dark matter particles puzzle. Jul 22, 2019 ... Components needed to fully as [ReadMore..]

will this virus ever end

Will This Virus Ever End

Covid-19 is unlikely to be eradicated, experts say, but societies in the past have learned to live with diseases Dec 6, 2021 ... That means the virus will probably never be eliminated entirely, but as [ReadMore..]

when will this pandemic end

When Will This Pandemic End

Johns Hopkins University public health experts offer insights into what will signal that SARS-CoV-2 is moving from pandemic to endemic Feb 21, 2022 ... There won't be a clean end to the pandemic but i [ReadMore..]

is covid still a pandemic 2021

Is Covid Still A Pandemic 2021

Mar 22, 2021 ... Some U.S. states had much larger increases in homeschooling rates for the 2020-2021 school year than others. Massachusetts, for example, jumped ... [ReadMore..]

what is at the end of space

What Is At The End Of Space

Humans have a hard time dealing with the fact of how their life is very much finite. You never know the exact expiration date, but you are sure it will happen one day. Jun 16, 2020 ... Where Is The En [ReadMore..]

shape of the universe theory

Shape Of The Universe Theory

Scientists will be able to use powerful new mathematical tools developed at the University of Waterloo to bring them closer to an understanding of the origin of the universe, says Achim Kempf, an appl [ReadMore..]

is the universe flat nasa

Is The Universe Flat Nasa

The most powerful telescope ever built is scheduled to launch on December 18. The James Webb Space Telescope will peer into the atmospheres of exoplanets, some of which are potentially habitable, and [ReadMore..]

time crystal google

Time Crystal Google

UC Berkeley physicist Norman Yao first described five years ago how to make a time crystal—a new form of matter whose patterns repeat in time instead of space. Unlike crystals of emerald or ruby, ho [ReadMore..]

time crystals explained

Time Crystals Explained

A team of physicists working with Google claim, in pre-print research, they've created actual time crystals inside a quantum computer. This could be huge! Dec 27, 2021 ... These scientists may have pr [ReadMore..]

closest dna to humans

Closest Dna To Humans

We've long known that we're closely related to chimpanzees and other primates, but did you know that humans also share more than half of our genetic material ... [ReadMore..]

are pigs self aware

Are Pigs Self Aware

Jan 27, 2021 ... And self-awareness. Let's backtrack for a sec on the fashion thing – I may be secure and comfortable with who I am, but I HATE being stared at. [ReadMore..]

time crystal state of matter

Time Crystal State Of Matter

A team of researchers including ones from Stanford and Google have created and observed a new phase of matter, popularly known as a time crystal. Nov 30, 2021 ... “Time-crystals are a striking examp [ReadMore..]

how old is the sun

How Old Is The Sun

When can baby wear sunscreen and what's safe? Here's how best to protect your baby in the sun. Nov 18, 2020 ... For babies 6 months of age and older: Apply SPF 30 to 50 sunscreen made for children to [ReadMore..]

what makes up the sun

What Makes Up The Sun

Instead, the sun is composed of layers made up almost entirely of hydrogen and helium. These gases carry out different functions in each layer, and the sun's ... [ReadMore..]

where did the sun come from

Where Did The Sun Come From

A two-minute primer traces Namaskars—and the pieces missing from modern practice—back thousands of years. Jun 20, 2017 ... Talk about a throwback: Traditionalists trace the roots of modern Sun Sal [ReadMore..]

how was the sun created

How Was The Sun Created

Think Earth is the most important spot in the solar system? Think again. The sun is the real star of the show—literally! The sun actually creates weather in space—a stream of charged particles cal [ReadMore..]

how fast does the universe expand

How Fast Does The Universe Expand

Among the methods astronomers have found to measure the expansion rate of the local universe, the Hubble constant, surface brightness fluctuations is potentially one of the most precise. Scientists ha [ReadMore..]

is the universe expanding faster than light

Is The Universe Expanding Faster Than Light

Measurements taken by Hubble space telescope conflict with studies of radiation left over from Big Bang – fuelling theories of ‘dark energy’ and mystery particles Jun 3, 2016 ... Nasa and the Eu [ReadMore..]

is the universe really expanding

Is The Universe Really Expanding

Behind the astronomical dispute that’s splitting apart the cosmos. Jan 19, 2019 ... Measurements of the Hubble constant made by directly observing stars yield a cosmic expansion rate of 73. Measurem [ReadMore..]

why is the universe expanding

Why Is The Universe Expanding

Yes, the Universe is expanding, but you might wonder, "how fast is it expanding?" Here's what you need to know. Feb 11, 2022 ... Yes, the Universe is expanding, but you might wonder, "How fast is it e [ReadMore..]

what is outside our universe

What Is Outside Our Universe

According to general relativity (GR), a universe with a cosmological constant $Λ$, like ours, is trapped inside an event horizon, $r< \sqrt{3/Λ}$. What is outside? We show, using Israel (1967) junct [ReadMore..]

is the universe expanding fast

Is The Universe Expanding Fast

Measurements taken by Hubble space telescope conflict with studies of radiation left over from Big Bang – fuelling theories of ‘dark energy’ and mystery particles Jun 3, 2016 ... Nasa and the Eu [ReadMore..]

quantum computing explained youtube

Quantum Computing Explained Youtube

quantum computing, swarm computing, analogic computing, chaos computing and ... scientific explanation of life would reveal new physics and chemistry. [ReadMore..]

milky way galaxy spiral arms

Milky Way Galaxy Spiral Arms

The European Gaia mission keeps uncovering the mysteries of the Milky Way. Jul 30, 2021 ... The Milky Way is known to have two main spiral arms, the Perseus arm and the Scutum-Centaurus arm. Our galax [ReadMore..]

the milky way

The Milky Way

For the first time, scientists have completely mapped one of the 'bones' of the Milky Way galaxy. 1 day ago ... For the first time, scientists have completely mapped one of the 'bones' of the Milky Wa [ReadMore..]

milky way galaxy arms

Milky Way Galaxy Arms

An international research team, with significant participation of astronomers from the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy (MPIA), has gained important insights into the origin of the material in the s [ReadMore..]

stars in milky way galaxy

Stars In Milky Way Galaxy

Jan 7, 2020 ... The stars seemingly formed not from material from the Milky Way, but from two nearby dwarf galaxies known as the Magellanic Clouds. Those ... [ReadMore..]

steven weinberg written works

Steven Weinberg Written Works

Steven Weinberg talks to CERN Courier about his seminal 1967 work and discusses where next for particle physics following the discovery of the Higgs boson. Oct 13, 2017 ... Steven Weinberg talks to CE [ReadMore..]

steven weinberg religion quote

Steven Weinberg Religion Quote

“With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil - that takes religion.” · “Religion is an ... [ReadMore..]

steven weinberg dies

Steven Weinberg Dies

Jewish professor was recognized in 1979 with work on mysteries of tiny particles and their electromagnetic interaction that built on Einstein's theory of relativity Jul 26, 2021 ... A professor at the [ReadMore..]

physicist steven weinberg died

Physicist Steven Weinberg Died

Weinberg, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979 and the National Medal of Science in 1991, was one of the most decorated UT faculty members and is best known for his research on subatomic part… [ReadMore..]

steven weinberg ut austin

Steven Weinberg Ut Austin

“By any measure Steve was a great physicist and also a great historian of physics.” Aug 3, 2021 ... Theoretical physicist Steven Weinberg died on 23 July in Austin, ... of Physics and Professor of [ReadMore..]

quanta magazine podcast

Quanta Magazine Podcast

In-depth news about mathematics, physics, biology and computer science. Read more at Quanta Science Podcast podcast on demand - In-depth news about mathematics, physics, biology an [ReadMore..]

google time crystal quantum computing

Google Time Crystal Quantum Computing

Time crystals defy the laws of physics Aug 6, 2021 ... In a new research paper, that might prove to be a shot in the arm for Quantum computing, scientists from Defense Advanced Research Projects ... [ReadMore..]

time crystals created

Time Crystals Created

Scientists theorised, disproved, revamped and finally created a bizarre new form of matter in just five years. Feb 21, 2017 ... The story of time crystals begins in 2012 with Nobel Prize winner Frank [ReadMore..]

states of matter time crystals

States Of Matter Time Crystals

You probably haven’t heard about time crystals, but you need to know about them. They’re a completely new form of matter that could change everything. MIT theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek first [ReadMore..]

science what is life

Science What Is Life

Our tools, services, and digital platforms empower scientists and engineers at every stage, helping to deliver scientific breakthroughs. We offer cutting-edge ... [ReadMore..]

google quantum computer time crystal

Google Quantum Computer Time Crystal

Quantum computers are set to revolutionize the way informatic works by being way faster than our current devices. We do not yet have a quantum computer but Dec 2, 2021 ... Google's Sycamore quantum co [ReadMore..]

time crystal news

Time Crystal News

Electron spin waves condense to form an exotic new state that repeats in both space and time. Feb 3, 2021 ... Real-Space Observation of Magnon Interaction with Driven Space-Time Crystals. Nick Träger [ReadMore..]

quanta magazine mathematics

Quanta Magazine Mathematics

Find the latest Quanta Magazine news from WIRED. See related science and technology articles, photos, slideshows and videos. Physicists are translating commonsense principles into strict mathematical [ReadMore..]