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are neanderthals humans

Are Neanderthals Humans

Ancient human lineages interbred commonly in Europe, as well as the Middle East. Apr 7, 2021 ... Oldest DNA from a Homo sapiens reveals surprisingly recent Neanderthal ancestry ... Ancient human linea [ReadMore..]

are neanderthals human ancestors

Are Neanderthals Human Ancestors

Jan 22, 2021 ... Both fossil and genetic evidence indicate that Neanderthals and modern humans (Homo sapiens) evolved from a common ancestor between 700,000 ... [ReadMore..]

how to see the milky way

How To See The Milky Way

The Milky Way can fill a dark, summer sky with thousands of stars. It is so large that you can see it with your naked eye. While every star in the sky you see is part of the Milky Way, you can still s [ReadMore..]

black hole pictures 2021

Black Hole Pictures 2021

A massive effort to view a black hole in multiple ways is helping scientists untangle what happens when gravity is pushed to extremes. Published April 14, 2021. • 9 min read ... In the newer image, [ReadMore..]

nasa saturn rings

Nasa Saturn Rings

The planet’s defining feature is slowly disappearing. Mar 28, 2022 ... In 2017, a NASA spacecraft called Cassini skimmed past Saturn's rings, sending home as much information as possible before it w [ReadMore..]

examples of junk dna

Examples Of Junk Dna

A revolution in biology is afoot: Geneticists are now trying to better understand the regions of our DNA that aren't actual genes. Previously, scientists hadn't known what purpose this so-called junk [ReadMore..]

find the hidden numbers challenge

Find The Hidden Numbers Challenge

Source: Florian Kopp/Welthungerhilfe. Cañadón Peñas, Bolivia, Epifania Ayala’s family makes a living with homemade dairy products sold in the regional capital Oruro. Although a larger proportion [ReadMore..]

milky way images

Milky Way Images

Mar 23, 2022 ... The formation of our Milky Way can be split up qualitatively into different phases that resulted in its structurally different stellar ... [ReadMore..]

the milky way

The Milky Way

For the first time, scientists have completely mapped one of the 'bones' of the Milky Way galaxy. 1 day ago ... For the first time, scientists have completely mapped one of the 'bones' of the Milky Wa [ReadMore..]