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perpetual energy

Perpetual Energy

An off-shore demonstration with game-changing implications for the future of perpetual clean energy, conducted from May 25 through 28 by OceanBased Pe May 28, 2020 ... An off-shore demonstration with [ReadMore..]

perpetual energy sources

Perpetual Energy Sources

No, gravity can not be used as an infinite energy source. In fact, strictly speaking, gravity itself can not be used as an energy source at all. Yo... Jan 8, 2014 ... Confusing energy and forces leads [ReadMore..]

ocean based perpetual energy

Ocean Based Perpetual Energy

OceanBased Perpetual Energy converts ocean based marine energy from the Florida Gulf Stream current into clean, renewable power. OceanBased Perpetual Energy, a revolutionary renewable energy developer [ReadMore..]

where did energy come from

Where Did Energy Come From

A new form of energy may have powered the Big Bang. ... Where did all the stuff in the universe come from in the first place? What was the universe like ... [ReadMore..]

who made the sun

Who Made The Sun

‘The song blew up at the end of summer 1989, by which time a whole generation were going to outdoor raves. What other record are you going to play at 5.30am?’ Aug 24, 2020 ... The Beloved: how we [ReadMore..]