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how do quantum computers work

How Do Quantum Computers Work

Quantum computing is filled with big hurdles and even bigger potential. Read about the past, present and future of the next huge advancement in computing. Jan 28, 2020 ... Traditional computers operat [ReadMore..]

is there a quantum computer

Is There A Quantum Computer

Quantum computers are not yet creating business value, but CIOs should nonetheless lose no time in getting involved. Nov 2, 2020 ... This is, in essence, why quantum computing is still in its infancy. [ReadMore..]

quantum computing explained

Quantum Computing Explained

IBM and Google are racing to create a truly useful quantum computer. Here's what makes quantum computers different from normal computers and how they could change the world Mar 5, 2020 ... It sounds l [ReadMore..]

what is quantum computing

What Is Quantum Computing

What is quantum? Quantum mechanics is the physics of the very small. It explains and predicts the behaviour of atoms and molecules in a way that redefines our understanding of nature. It is the most p [ReadMore..]

how do quantum computers calculate

How Do Quantum Computers Calculate

To understand what quantum computers can do — and what they can’t — avoid falling for overly simple explanations. Jun 8, 2021 ... To understand what quantum computers can do — and what they ca [ReadMore..]

simple explanation of quantum computing

Simple Explanation Of Quantum Computing

Quantum computers perform calculations based on the probability of an object's state before it is measured - instead of just 1s or 0s - which means they have the potential to process exponentially mor [ReadMore..]

google quantum pc

Google Quantum Pc

A team of researchers including ones from Stanford and Google have created and observed a new phase of matter, popularly known as a time crystal. Nov 30, 2021 ... Stanford physicists help create time [ReadMore..]

quantum computing for dummies

Quantum Computing For Dummies

A quantum computer, unlike a classical computer, uses quantum bits or qubits. Learn how quantum computers work and which companies are building them. Quantum computing is the study of how to use pheno [ReadMore..]

quantum computing for dummies pdf

Quantum Computing For Dummies Pdf

Just as classical computers can be thought of in boolean algebra terms, quantum computers are reasoned about with quantum mechanics. There are four postulates ... [ReadMore..]

microsoft topological

Microsoft Topological

Microsoft is taking the road less traveled, hoping it will make all the difference. Mar 20, 2022 ... Microsoft's topological qubit design features a U-shaped wire with a Majorana zero mode at each end [ReadMore..]

microsoft topological quantum computing

Microsoft Topological Quantum Computing

Microsoft is doubling down on its commitment to the tantalizing field of quantum computing, making a strong bet that it is possible to create a scalable quantum computer using what is called a topolog [ReadMore..]

topological qubits

Topological Qubits

Topological qubits can process and store quantum information. A new theory proposes that topological qubits can be synthesized in experimentally well-established conventional bilayer fractional quantu [ReadMore..]

microsoft quantum computing blog

Microsoft Quantum Computing Blog

Learn how Microsoft Quantum researchers have observed a 30 μeV topological gap, showing that the underlying physics behind their approach to quantum computing is sound. Mar 14, 2022 ... Microsoft is [ReadMore..]

microsoft topological quantum computer

Microsoft Topological Quantum Computer

Microsoft is taking the road less traveled, hoping it will make all the difference. Mar 20, 2022 ... Microsoft's topological qubit design features a U-shaped wire with a Majorana zero mode at each end [ReadMore..]

quantum computers explained

Quantum Computers Explained

Quantum computers aren’t the next generation of supercomputers—they’re something else entirely. Before we can even begin to talk about their potential applic... Jun 8, 2021 ... Quantum computers [ReadMore..]

google quantum computing roadmap

Google Quantum Computing Roadmap

The Google Quantum AI team recaps their work in 2021. Dec 30, 2021 ... Despite ongoing global challenges, we've made significant progress in our effort to build a fully error-corrected quantum compute [ReadMore..]

google quantum computing

Google Quantum Computing

Google | Goleta, CA, USA | The Quantum team's mission is to make useful quantum computing tools available to enable users to solve problems that w... Google | Goleta, CA, USA | The Quantum team's miss [ReadMore..]

google quantum computer qubits

Google Quantum Computer Qubits

Researchers have developed an algorithm that uses the most quantum bits to date to calculate ground state energy, the lowest-energy state in a quantum mechanical system. The discovery could make it ea [ReadMore..]

quantum computing in microsoft

Quantum Computing In Microsoft

May 30, 2017 ... Purdue and Microsoft entered into an agreement in April 2016 that extends their collaboration on quantum computing research, effectively ... [ReadMore..]

what can quantum computers be used for

What Can Quantum Computers Be Used For

In the field of computational biology, quantum computing has played a big role in solving many biological problems. One of the well-known examples would be in ... [ReadMore..]

quantum computing explained for kids

Quantum Computing Explained For Kids

Quantum computing is buzzing, but complex to understand – even for tech pro's. Watch this video, quantum computing is explained so even kids understand. Nov 25, 2019 ... Quantum computing is buzzing [ReadMore..]

quantum computer news

Quantum Computer News

Twist is an MIT-created programming language for quantum computing that can describe and verify which pieces of data are entangled in a quantum program, through a language a classical programmer can u [ReadMore..]

quantum computing explained simply

Quantum Computing Explained Simply

For engineers that want to be a part of quantum computing's rapid evolution, there are free, hands-on ways to learn the basics and experience the technology. Aug 13, 2019 ... Quantum computers shine w [ReadMore..]