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urmila mahadev

Urmila Mahadev

How a graduate student solved one of the most important questions in quantum computation. Nov 18, 2021 ... Dr. Urmila Mahadev has done remarkable work to figure out a way to verify that our quantum co [ReadMore..]

thomas s lin md

Thomas S Lin Md

Oct 15, 2021 ... Lin completed his orthopaedic surgery residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, now the Sidney Kimmel Medical College, followed by a ... [ReadMore..]

quantum superposition collapse

Quantum Superposition Collapse

Quantum mechanics suggests that particles can be in a state of superposition - in two states at the same time - until a measurement take place. Only then does the wavefunction describing the particle [ReadMore..]

superposition of quantum states

Superposition Of Quantum States

The superposition principle is one of the landmarks of quantum mechanics. The importance of quantum superpositions provokes questions about the limitations that quantum mechanics itself imposes on the [ReadMore..]