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greek math vs modern math

Greek Math Vs Modern Math

Before the modern age and the worldwide spread of knowledge, written examples of new mathematical developments have come to light only in a few ... [ReadMore..]

math in the ancient world

Math In The Ancient World

We built the world with maths! Numbers are behind the discovery and development of science. We gather together some of the big names and discoveries! Sep 24, 2018 ... We built the world with maths! Nu [ReadMore..]

3 ways math helped in ancient times

3 Ways Math Helped In Ancient Times

The significant mathematics contributions of ancient Greece spanning over 600 years of history with individual achievements of important Greek scholars is presented. History of Mathematics Contributio [ReadMore..]

ancient math tools

Ancient Math Tools

Period: Approximately 44,000 BCE ~ The exploitation of counting was a very gradual process in human history, and much of the details of this development is unknown. However, three major tools that.. [ReadMore..]

ancient greek mathematics history

Ancient Greek Mathematics History

Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of Michigan and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. Jun 9, 2008 ... Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of [ReadMore..]

ancient math superstar

Ancient Math Superstar

Oct 27, 2016 ... Hardy (superstar British mathematician), but to the history of human thought. Ramanujan spent his youth sitting on cool stone floors in the ... [ReadMore..]

ancient math games

Ancient Math Games

Here are a collection of games from around the world to try during the holidays or the last few weeks of term. An ancient game for two from Egypt. You'll need twelve distinctive 'stones' each to play. [ReadMore..]

everyday maths

Everyday Maths

Latest from “Everyday Math” in The Wall Street Journal Latest from “Everyday Math” in The Wall Street Journal. [ReadMore..]

computer math problems

Computer Math Problems

The GED ® Test On Computer. Mathematical Reasoning ... acquaint yourself with how a NCS Pearson, Inc. computer-based test will be administered (“Software”). [ReadMore..]

how do you do equations

How Do You Do Equations

Learn how to solve an equation with plenty of examples. [ReadMore..]

probability physics

Probability Physics

Probability is the branch of mathematics concerning numerical descriptions of how likely an event is to occur, or how likely it is that a proposition is ... [ReadMore..]

caucher birkar math

Caucher Birkar Math

In contrast to Mori's concrete, geometric approach,. Shokurov's work was much more algebraic, drawing on ideas from highly abstract branches of mathematics such ... [ReadMore..]

caucher birkar tsinghua

Caucher Birkar Tsinghua

The Department of Mathematical Sciences of Tsinghua University, Yau Mathematical Sciences Center and Yanqi Lake Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences ... [ReadMore..]

godel's incompleteness theorem explained

Godel's Incompleteness Theorem Explained

Jan 21, 2012 ... This is my layman's understanding of Godel's incompleteness theorems: Any set of axioms powerful enough to decide all its theorems will always ... [ReadMore..]

francis su

Francis Su

Francis Edward Su is an American mathematician. He joined the Harvey Mudd College faculty in 1996, and is currently Benediktsson-Karwa Professor of ... [ReadMore..]

mathematics news

Mathematics News

Jul 6, 2021 ... 2021 GW Math Department Virtual Celebration. May 15, 2021. Watch the Department of Mathematics' virtual celebration for our 2021 graduates. [ReadMore..]

fun math articles for students

Fun Math Articles For Students

Articles for teachers tend to look at teaching and learning issues. If you are looking for something on particular mathematical topics or on the history and ... [ReadMore..]

math in the news

Math In The News

The Man Who Revolutionized Computer Science With Math ... Get highlights of the most important news delivered to your email inbox. Subscribe ... [ReadMore..]

what's new in mathematics

What's New In Mathematics

The latest effort to overhaul math and science education offers a fundamental rethinking of the basic structure of knowledge. But will it be given time to work? Oct 8, 2016 ... The latest effort to ov [ReadMore..]

latest news in mathematics

Latest News In Mathematics

The latest breaking news, comment and features from The Independent. The latest breaking news, comment and features from The Independent. [ReadMore..]

current math news articles

Current Math News Articles

Displaying 1 - 15 of 538 news articles related to this topic. ... Satellite view of Atlantic Ocean with ocean current and surface temperature data ... [ReadMore..]

geometry mirror

Geometry Mirror

Reflections are everywhere ... in mirrors, glass, and here in a lake. ... You can try reflecting some shapes about different mirror lines here: Next Shape. [ReadMore..]

different types of infinity

Different Types Of Infinity

Sep 24, 2010 ... But there are other types of infinite numbers. One family of related concepts includes the extended real numbers +∞ and −∞ ... [ReadMore..]

are all infinities the same

Are All Infinities The Same

They come in different sizes Jan 26, 2020 ... Chaining our mappings, we've established that the intervals (0, 1) and (-π/2, π/2) are of the same size. Both intervals contain infinitely many ... [ReadMore..]

different sizes of infinity

Different Sizes Of Infinity

“The universe is vast. You are also vast. So is an ant. There are different sizes of infinity.” The universe is vast. You are also vast. So is an ant. There are different sizes of infinity.”(You [ReadMore..]

hardest equation

Hardest Equation

Worldwide cyber efforts to thwart Russia's military aggression against Ukraine will likely be superior to that of Russia-aligned hacker groups. Feb 25, 2022 ... Research published earlier this week by [ReadMore..]

hardest physics equations

Hardest Physics Equations

Physics is the science of nature It is a science that aims to understand how the universe works arou May 6, 2019 ... Through physics equations, scientists try to understand natural ... A physics equat [ReadMore..]

hard math equations

Hard Math Equations

Live Science asked physicists, astronomers and mathematicians for their favorite equations. Here's what we found. Jun 1, 2017 ... Mathematical equations, from the formulas of special and general relat [ReadMore..]

hardest math equations to solve

Hardest Math Equations To Solve

Want to practice with really hard SAT math problems to get a perfect math score? Here are the 15 hardest questions we've seen - if you dare. Feb 26, 2020 ... Each math subsection is arranged in order [ReadMore..]

multiply history

Multiply History

Oct 31, 2016 ... Richard Smith: Multiply My Hands. By Admin | Historical. The following story is based on multiple interviews with, and ... [ReadMore..]

octonion math

Octonion Math

Octonions are related to exceptional structures in mathematics, among them the exceptional Lie groups. Octonions have applications in fields such as string ... [ReadMore..]

a b c math formula

A B C Math Formula

Solve quadratic equations using a quadratic formula calculator. Calculator solution will show work for real and complex roots. Uses the quadratic formula to solve a second-order polynomial equation o [ReadMore..]

perfect math equation

Perfect Math Equation

Skyscanner creates equation to calculate the perfect flight Apr 9, 2015 ... Flight booking company Skyscanner conducted its own survey and used the results to create a mathematical equation that calcu [ReadMore..]

math perfection

Math Perfection

Let A be a complete discrete valuation ring with possibly imperfect residue field. The purpose of this paper is to give a notion of conductor for Galois representations over A that generalizes the cla [ReadMore..]

qbism explained

Qbism Explained

Quantum theorist Christopher Fuchs explains how to solve the paradoxes of quantum mechanics. His price: physics gets personal. Jun 4, 2015 ... Quantum Bayesianism, or QBism as Fuchs now calls it, solv [ReadMore..]

math is beautiful

Math Is Beautiful

Modern life is increasingly relying on digital technology, which in turn runs on mathematics. However, this underlying math is hidden from us. That is mostly a good thing since we do not want to be so [ReadMore..]

math in everyday life examples

Math In Everyday Life Examples

Math Matters in Everyday Life · Managing money $$$ · Balancing the checkbook · Shopping for the best price · Preparing food · Figuring out distance, time and cost ... [ReadMore..]

maths beautiful shape

Maths Beautiful Shape

How a destructive idea paved the way for modern math. Mar 28, 2014 ... How a destructive idea paved the way for modern math. ... His proof consisted of equations rather than shapes, and this was what [ReadMore..]

what is mathematics pdf

What Is Mathematics Pdf

Aug 2, 2010 ... Structuring the Mathematical Practices. (accessed April 1, 2013). [ReadMore..]

beauty of mathematics

Beauty Of Mathematics

What has mathematics got to do with beauty? Actually, a lot. Physical attraction depends on ratio, and in particular symmetry. [ReadMore..]

why is math important essay

Why Is Math Important Essay

Mathematics provides an effective way of building mental discipline and encourages logical reasoning and mental rigor. In addition, mathematical knowledge plays ... [ReadMore..]

why math is beautiful

Why Math Is Beautiful

Artist Hamid Naderi Yeganeh can generate thousands of unique, intricate images per day using mathematical formulas programmed into his computer. Jan 19, 2016 ... Math Is Beautiful. Artist Hamid Naderi [ReadMore..]

who invented multiplication

Who Invented Multiplication

Jul 24, 2014 ... He told me about the work of Jacques Philippe Marie Binet (born February 2 1786 in Rennes and died Mai 12 1856 in Paris), who seemed to be ... [ReadMore..]



NounEdit · An abstract representational system studying numbers, shapes, structures, quantitative change and relationships between them. quotations ▽ · A ... [ReadMore..]

moon duchin

Moon Duchin

We discuss the "compactness," or shape analysis, of electoral districts, focusing on some of the most popular definitions in the political science literature, which compare area to perimeter. We ident [ReadMore..]

metric geometry

Metric Geometry

Computational and Metric Geometry ... range searching, segment intersection, Voronoi diagrams, Delaunay triangulations, metric and normed spaces, ... [ReadMore..]

moon duchin scam

Moon Duchin Scam

This paper attempts to explain how the separation of security ownership and control, typical of large corporations, can be an efficient form of economic organization. We first set aside the presumptio [ReadMore..]

american math team

American Math Team

America's top math students went head-to-head with competitors from more than 100 countries — and they won. "If you can even solve one question," their head coach says, "you're a bit of a genius." J [ReadMore..]

using math to create art

Using Math To Create Art

Mathematics has directly influenced art with conceptual tools such as linear perspective, the analysis of symmetry, and mathematical objects such as polyhedra ... [ReadMore..]

mathematical concepts in art

Mathematical Concepts In Art

But there's plenty of symmetry, geometry, and calculation involved in creating beautiful art. Often, many artists benefit from mathematical observations, such ... [ReadMore..]

examples of math in art

Examples Of Math In Art

Advancing research. Creating connections. The 2020 Mathematical Art Exhibition was held at the Joint Mathematical Meetings held ... This work demonstrates a simple example of a broader topological .. [ReadMore..]

math and art connections

Math And Art Connections

The golden ratio has fascinated intellectuals of diverse interests. Luca Pacioli sums up the relationship between math and art by stating, “Without mathematics there is no art.” Jul 21, 2021 ... O [ReadMore..]

art projects that teach math

Art Projects That Teach Math

Make math class more fun for students of all grades with these art activities for math class. For more fun activities like these start your free trial today! Feb 7, 2022 ... Popular Art Activities for [ReadMore..]

math and art

Math And Art

Many people find no beauty and pleasure in maths - but, as Lewis Dartnell explains, our brains have evolved to take pleasure in rhythm, structure and pattern. Since these topics are fundamentally math [ReadMore..]

math in artwork

Math In Artwork

To conclude, mathematics isn't always evident in art, unless you discover it. But there's plenty of symmetry, geometry, and calculation involved in creating ... [ReadMore..]

teaching math with art

Teaching Math With Art

Art makes abstract math concepts concrete, understandable, and approachable. ... These lesson plans and training videos for 2nd and 3rd grade teachers are ... [ReadMore..]

connections between math and art

Connections Between Math And Art

I've asked artists about the connections between math and art, and they see it when they use measurement, weight, and even trigonometry. Jul 12, 2019 ... Artsy student can develop confidence in math a [ReadMore..]

us math olympiad

Us Math Olympiad

The United States of America Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO) is the third test in a series of exams used to challenge bright students on the path toward ... [ReadMore..]

us math team

Us Math Team

The U.S. Air Force Academy's Pandemic Math Team leads the nation on COVID-19 predictive modeling and testing. Learn more here! The U.S. Air Force Academy's Pandemic Math Team leads the nation on COVID [ReadMore..]

us math olympiad team 2020

Us Math Olympiad Team 2020

Coached by Carnegie Mellon's Po-Shen Loh, the U.S. team tied for first place with China at the 60th International Mathematical Olympiad. Jul 19, 2019 ... Coached by Carnegie Mellon's Po-Shen Loh, the [ReadMore..]

math olympiad practice problems

Math Olympiad Practice Problems

written inside but all covered by index cards glued down. Frequently bought together · This item: Math Olympiad Contest Problems for Elementary and Middle Schools, Vol. 1. by George Lenchner Paperbac [ReadMore..]

math olympiad 2022 usa

Math Olympiad 2022 Usa

/PRNewswire/ -- Random Math proudly announced that 23 of its students qualified for the U.S. Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO) / U.S. Junior Mathematical Olympiad... Apr 27, 2022 ... PRNewswire/ -- Random [ReadMore..]

united states of america mathematical olympiad

United States Of America Mathematical Olympiad

The first USAMO was in 1972. It is the final round of the AMC series of contests. The United States of America Junior Mathematical Olympiad (USAJMO) was created ... [ReadMore..]

usa math olympiad 2021

Usa Math Olympiad 2021

The last time the U.S. won the international math tournament, Bill Clinton was president and Ace of Base was top of the pop charts. Jul 18, 2015 ... The last time the U.S. won the international math t [ReadMore..]

us math olympiad team 2021

Us Math Olympiad Team 2021

The results of the USAMO and the TST are weighted equally when selecting the US IMO team. The other important purpose of MOP is to train younger students in ... [ReadMore..]

size of infinity

Size Of Infinity

If you were counting on infinity being absolute, your number's up Jul 19, 2007 ... These numbers are unbounded, and so the collection, or set, of all the natural numbers is infinite in size. But just [ReadMore..]

different levels of infinity

Different Levels Of Infinity

There is more than one ‘infinity’—in fact, there are infinitely-many infinities, each one larger than before! Aug 19, 2016 ... There is more than one 'infinity'—in fact, there are infinitely-m [ReadMore..]

are there bigger infinities

Are There Bigger Infinities

A crucial concept in mathematics. Nov 14, 2013 ... Infinite sets are not all created equal, however. There are actually many different sizes or levels of infinity; some infinite sets are vastly ... [ReadMore..]

different infinities

Different Infinities

infinity, the concept of something that is unlimited, endless, without bound. The common symbol for infinity, ∞, was invented by the English mathematician John Wallis in 1655. Three main types of i [ReadMore..]

different size infinities

Different Size Infinities

Jan 21, 2013 ... Cantor's theorem tells us that given a set there is always a set whose cardinality is larger. In particular given a set, its power set has a ... [ReadMore..]

spacetime crystal

Spacetime Crystal

PDF | Periodic space crystals are well established and widely used in physical sciences. Time crystals have been increasingly explored more recently,... | Find, read and cite all the research you need [ReadMore..]

mathematics articles

Mathematics Articles

Dec 19, 2019 ... Specifically, for these three articles published in 2016, they are all about mathematics education at either elementary school (Ding 2016; ... [ReadMore..]

theory of randomness

Theory Of Randomness

A random sequence of events, symbols or steps often has no order and does not follow an intelligible pattern or combination. Individual random events are, by ... [ReadMore..]

usa math olympiad team

Usa Math Olympiad Team

Po-Shen Loh has harnessed his competitive impulses and iconoclastic tendencies to reinvigorate the U.S. Math Olympiad program. Feb 16, 2021 ... Po-Shen Loh has resurrected the United States Internatio [ReadMore..]

what is random walk

What Is Random Walk

We use simple deterministic dynamical systems as coins in studying quantum walks. These dynamical systems can be chosen to display, in the classical limit, a range of behaviors from the integrable to [ReadMore..]

random walk theory

Random Walk Theory

In mathematics, a random walk is a random process that describes a path that consists of a succession of random steps on some mathematical space. [ReadMore..]

physics mathematical

Physics Mathematical

6, Communications in Mathematical Physics, journal, 1.274 Q1, 141, 348, 864, 15484, 1968, 863, 2.26, 44.49, DE. 7, Quantum Topology, journal, 1.214 Q1 ... [ReadMore..]

the math world

The Math World

Sep 18, 2018 ... Minor Bug Fixes. flagFlag as inappropriate. Developer contact. expand_more. language. Website. [ReadMore..]

math tiling patterns

Math Tiling Patterns

They are quasicrystals: implemented as a physical structure a Penrose tiling will produce diffraction patterns with Bragg peaks and five-fold symmetry, ... [ReadMore..]

subhas khot

Subhas Khot

I am a Professor in the Computer Science Department at New York University, part of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. Previous affiliations: 1999- ... [ReadMore..]

paul erdos number

Paul Erdos Number

Romeo Mestrovic Homepage If you are one of the lucky mathematicians (there are 509 of them) who have written a joint paper with Paul Erdös, then your Erdös number is 1. [ReadMore..]

paul erdos international math challenge

Paul Erdos International Math Challenge

Erdős Memorial Lecture at the University of Notre Dame ... International Mathematics Competition for University Students · Robert C. Carson (1924-2010) [ReadMore..]

paul erdos accomplishments

Paul Erdos Accomplishments

He was one of the most prolific mathematicians and producers of mathematical conjectures of the 20th century. ... Erdős pursued and proposed problems in discrete ... [ReadMore..]

paul erdos women

Paul Erdos Women

More than 10 hours of sleep and no socks – could this be the secret to thinking like a genius? Jun 12, 2017 ... The most prolific mathematician of the 20th Century, Paul Erdos, ... but a recent stud [ReadMore..]

who is paul erdos

Who Is Paul Erdos

Paul Erdös was one of those very special geniuses, the kind who comes along only ... (Epsilon was Erdös's word for a small child; in mathematics that Greek ... [ReadMore..]

paul erdos wikipedia

Paul Erdos Wikipedia

N Is a Number: A Portrait of Paul Erdős is a 1993 biographical documentary about the life of mathematician Paul Erdős, directed by George Paul Csicsery. [ReadMore..]

paul erdos contributions to math

Paul Erdos Contributions To Math

Erdős pursued and proposed problems in discrete mathematics, graph theory, number theory, mathematical analysis, approximation theory, ... [ReadMore..]

ana caraiani

Ana Caraiani

Jul 23, 2016 ... Ana Caraiani is interested in the classical and p-adic Langlands programs and the geometry of Shimura varieties. In particular, she studies ... [ReadMore..]

black hole singularity math

Black Hole Singularity Math

All of these FRW universes have a singularity at their beginning, which represents the Big Bang. Black holes also have singularities. Furthermore, in the case ... [ReadMore..]

e (mathematical constant)

E (mathematical Constant)

The number e, also known as Euler's number, is a mathematical constant approximately equal to 2.71828 which can be characterized in many ways. [ReadMore..]

natural constant e

Natural Constant E

Logarithms are the inverses of exponents. They allow us to solve hairy exponential equations, and they are a good excuse to dive deeper into the relationship between a function and its inverse. Skill [ReadMore..]

e mathematical constant excel

E Mathematical Constant Excel

Math books and even my beloved Wikipedia describe e using obtuse jargon: The mathematical constant e is the base of the natural logarithm. [ReadMore..]

e mathematical constant digits

E Mathematical Constant Digits

For the hexadecimal digit, see Hexadecimal. The number e, also known as Euler's number, is a mathematical constant approximately equal to ... [ReadMore..]

formula for the number e

Formula For The Number E

This article describes the formula syntax and usage of the EXP function in Microsoft Excel. Description. Returns e raised to the power of number. [ReadMore..]

the number e

The Number E

Sep 1, 1997 ... Yes, the number e does have physical meaning. It occurs naturally in any situation where a quantity increases at a rate proportional to its ... [ReadMore..]

what is e in algebra

What Is E In Algebra

Sep 5, 2019 ... Definition. Given a symmetric monoidal (infinity,1)-category C, an E∞-algebra in C is synonymous with a commutative monoid in C. Most often ... [ReadMore..]

e in mathematics

E In Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of Eindhoven ... Organized by the TU/e Postdoc Association, the competition aims to put postdocs in the ... [ReadMore..]

singer mathematician

Singer Mathematician

Michael Lopez '20 developed his mathematical maturity by traveling the world and trying new things. Jan 20, 2021 ... From singer to paratrooper to mathematician, this alum took a different route to NA [ReadMore..]

math singer

Math Singer

Answers for 'new math' singer tom crossword clue, 6 letters. Search for crossword clues found in the Daily Celebrity, NY Times, Daily Mirror, Telegraph and major publications. Find clues for 'new math [ReadMore..]

n queens problem

N Queens Problem

Level up your coding skills and quickly land a job. This is the best place to expand your knowledge and get prepared for your next interview. The n-queens puzzle is the problem of placing n queens on [ReadMore..]



In this post I would like to collect a list of resources that are available to mathematicians displaced by conflict. Here are some general resources: The IIE Scholar Rescue FundStatement on the war… [ReadMore..]

usa math team beats china

Usa Math Team Beats China

Discover short videos related to usa math team beat china on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: ☝️☮️🏴‍☠️>>>>>(@hayonies), Jeff of Bearandbabu(@jeff_bearandbab [ReadMore..]

how did the big bang happen from nothing

How Did The Big Bang Happen From Nothing

Problems with the big bang include that it violates the first law of thermodynamics and the law of entropy. Learn about problems with the big bang. How did the big bang happen from nothing? According [ReadMore..]

physic mathematics

Physic Mathematics

PHYSICS. MATHEMATICS. Upcoming Events. May 27 | 11 AM in Online and In-Person Event High Energy Theory Seminar. May 27 | 12 PM in East Bridge 114 IQIM ... [ReadMore..]

math for physicists

Math For Physicists

PHYSICS. MATHEMATICS. Upcoming Events. May 27 | 11 AM in Online and In-Person Event High Energy Theory Seminar. May 27 | 12 PM in East Bridge 114 IQIM ... [ReadMore..]

math research topics for students

Math Research Topics For Students

Math research topics were collected by our best Math experts just for you. Select the topic you like and ace your performance at this subject. Math research topics were collected by our best Math expe [ReadMore..]

mathematical physics phd programs

Mathematical Physics Phd Programs

Mathematical physics is an interdisciplinary subject where theoretical physics and mathematics intersect. The University of Iowa has held an ongoing mathematical physics seminar for over forty years, [ReadMore..]

journal of mathematics physics

Journal Of Mathematics Physics

Journal of Mathematical Physics publishes research that connects the application of mathematics to problems in physics and illustrates the development of mathematical methods for both physical applica [ReadMore..]

physics math

Physics Math

Mathematics and physics majors work as physicists, mathematicians, technicians, engineers, managers, computer specialists, technical coordinators, designers, ... [ReadMore..]

mathematical methods in physics pdf

Mathematical Methods In Physics Pdf

May 1, 2014. Mathematical Methods For Physics And Engineering Riley, Hobson Pdf. Version, [version]. Download, 41957. Stock, [quota]. Total Files, 1. [ReadMore..]

scientific math equations

Scientific Math Equations

Apr 9, 2021 ... Mathematics and science are disciplines that have historically communicated ideas visually. This is especially true of formulas and ... [ReadMore..]

mathematics physics pdf

Mathematics Physics Pdf

No bullshit guide to math & physics / Ivan Savov. — Fifth edition. ISBN 978-0-9920010-0-1 (pbk.) 1. Mathematics–Textbooks. 2. Calculus–Textbooks. [ReadMore..]

the number infinity

The Number Infinity

This article is a transcript of the episode "The Number Car" of Infinity Train. NOTE - The following is a raw dump of a subtitle file. Speakers and scene descriptions need added. 00:00:09,322 --> 00:0 [ReadMore..]

concept of infinity

Concept Of Infinity

Infinity is a big topic. Most people have some conception of things that have no bound, no ... [ReadMore..]

causation math

Causation Math

Causation is the presence of a demonstrated relationship between two events, often expressed through statistical changes in one variable due to... Oct 22, 2021 ... Causation indicates a relationship b [ReadMore..]

correlation causation math

Correlation Causation Math

Are shark attacks and ice cream sales linked? Do drugs work? Being able to distinguish cause and effect is crucial. Now we have the maths to do it reliably Apr 22, 2020 ... Are shark attacks and ice c [ReadMore..]

causation vs correlation math

Causation Vs Correlation Math

A correlation between variables, however, does not automatically mean that the change in one variable is the cause of the change in the values of the other ... [ReadMore..]

causation examples in math

Causation Examples In Math

Causation is the presence of a demonstrated relationship between two events, often expressed through statistical changes in one variable due to... Oct 22, 2021 ... Causation indicates a relationship b [ReadMore..]

beautiful math

Beautiful Math

The series primarily focuses on conceptual understanding and mathematical reasoning. Academically, this is a strong math curriculum that was developed by math ... [ReadMore..]

approximate number of pi

Approximate Number Of Pi

Pi represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. Mar 8, 2022 ... Students are usually introduced to the number pi as having an approximate value of 3.14 or 3.14159. Though it [ReadMore..]

best approximation of pi

Best Approximation Of Pi

Yes. Pi Day is over. Well, at least it is over for those of us that write the date as mm/dd/yy (called middle endian). However, there is another way to represent the date. Some people (ok, most people [ReadMore..]

rational approximation of pi

Rational Approximation Of Pi

Yes. Pi Day is over. Well, at least it is over for those of us that write the date as mm/dd/yy (called middle endian). However, there is another way to represent the date. Some people (ok, most people [ReadMore..]

fractional approximation of pi

Fractional Approximation Of Pi

(expanding my comments). Let's start with the fraction 355113 easy to remember with something like : "doubling the odds to be near the pi" (whatever this ... [ReadMore..]

symmetry mirror

Symmetry Mirror

We study the dynamics of the half-filled zeroth Landau level of Dirac fermions using mirror symmetry, a supersymmetric duality between certain pairs of $2+1$-dimensional theories. We show that the hal [ReadMore..]

brian lawrence math

Brian Lawrence Math

Check out the ratings and reviews for L.Brian Lawrence from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA L.Brian Lawrence is a professor in the Mathematics department at George Mason University - see what t [ReadMore..]

akshay venkatesh math

Akshay Venkatesh Math

Stanford Mathematics Professor Akshay Venkatesh has been awarded the 2018 Fields Medal. The Fields Medal is one of the highest honors in mathematics, awarded every four years to 2-4 mathematicians und [ReadMore..]

pure mathematicians

Pure Mathematicians

Pure mathematics is the study of mathematical concepts independently of any application outside mathematics. These concepts may originate in real-world ... [ReadMore..]

us math olympiad team beat china

Us Math Olympiad Team Beat China

The US team consisted of six high school boys selected for the competition. The US team has a final score of 185, edging out the Chinese team which finished with a score of 181. Jul 19, 2015 ... Membe [ReadMore..]

mysterious math

Mysterious Math

Web site of the National Cryptologic Museum Foundation (NCMF), a nonprofit created to support the mission of the National Cryptologic Museum. Apr 4, 2022 ... NCF #CyberChat: Mathematical Majors & Myst [ReadMore..]

chaos theory definition

Chaos Theory Definition

Apr 16, 2008 ... A professor at MIT, Lorenz was the first to recognize what is now called chaotic behavior in the mathematical modeling of weather systems. [ReadMore..]

godel's incompleteness theorem proof

Godel's Incompleteness Theorem Proof

Nov 11, 2013 ... Gödel's theorem does not merely claim that such statements exist: the method of Gödel's proof explicitly produces a particular sentence that is ... [ReadMore..]

how did the universe start from nothing

How Did The Universe Start From Nothing

Apparently, quantum mechanics debunks the old adage "there is no free lunch" - because, scientists believe that the universe arose out of 'nothing' during the ... [ReadMore..]

claude shannon information theory paper

Claude Shannon Information Theory Paper

Information Theory was not just a product of the work of Claude Shannon. ... In 1948, Shannon published his paper “A Mathematical Theory of Communication” ... [ReadMore..]

claude shannon information theory pdf

Claude Shannon Information Theory Pdf

CHAPTER 4. Information Theory of Claude Shannon & Warren Weaver. In the late 1940s, a Bell Telephone Company research scientist by the name of. [ReadMore..]

shannon communication theory

Shannon Communication Theory

THE problems of cryptography and secrecy systems furnish an interesting application of communication theory. 1 In this paper a theory of secrecy systems is developed. The approach is on a theoretical [ReadMore..]

information theory claude shannon

Information Theory Claude Shannon

Claude Shannon: biologist. The founder of information theory used biology to formulate the channel capacity Claude Shannon: biologist. The founder of information theory used biology to formulate the c [ReadMore..]

shannon paper on information theory

Shannon Paper On Information Theory

The IEEE Transactions on Information Theory publishes papers concerned with the transmission, processing, and utilization of ... Shannon, Euler, and Mazes. [ReadMore..]

shannon information theory

Shannon Information Theory

Shannon, who died in 2001, is regarded as one of the greatest electrical engineering heroes of all time. This profile, originally published in 1992, reveals the many facets of his life and work That S [ReadMore..]

shannon's law information theory

Shannon's Law Information Theory

That's thanks to the noisy channel theorem. Formal Architecture of Communication Systems. The following diagram illustrates the formal architecture Shannon ... [ReadMore..]

time travelers paradox

Time Travelers Paradox

If time travel is possible, it seems to inevitably lead to paradoxes. These include consistency paradoxes, such as the famous grandfather paradox, and bootstrap paradoxes, where something is created o [ReadMore..]

different time paradox

Different Time Paradox

Asimov's denouement, however, seems to require some different conceDtion of time travel. Page 2. I46 AMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL QUARTERLY ence between different ... [ReadMore..]

how many infinite are there

How Many Infinite Are There

For 50 years, mathematicians have believed that the total number of real numbers is unknowable. A new proof suggests otherwise. Jul 15, 2021 ... In 1873, the German mathematician Georg Cantor shook ma [ReadMore..]

large numbers to infinity

Large Numbers To Infinity

(this blog post was originally published in  . It has been moved to this blog – with slight changes.) Remember Nietzsche’s famous announcement, “God is dead“? In the domain of mathematics, Ni [ReadMore..]

godel number

Godel Number

In formal number theory a Gödel numbering is a function which assigns to each symbol and formula of some formal language a unique natural number called a ... [ReadMore..]

godel's first incompleteness theorem

Godel's First Incompleteness Theorem

The description you quote from Wikipedia is not very good. In particular, the theorem -- at least in the well-polished form that is usually given in ... [ReadMore..]

godel proof

Godel Proof

His incompleteness theorems destroyed the search for a mathematical theory of everything. Nearly a century later, we’re still coming to grips with the consequences. Jul 14, 2020 ... But Gödel's sho [ReadMore..]

godel's incompleteness

Godel's Incompleteness

Jan 25, 1999 ... It was even more shocking to the mathematical world in 1931, when Godel unveiled his incompleteness theorem. Godel did not phrase his result in ... [ReadMore..]

godel coding

Godel Coding

1,184 votes and 36 comments so far on Reddit May 7, 2020 ... Basically you can mathematically prove that some "logical statements" a.e. theorems are impossible to proove or disprove using first order� [ReadMore..]

all the godel numbers

All The Godel Numbers

When Kurt Gödel published his incompleteness theorem in 1931, the mathematical community was stunned: using maths he had proved that there are limits to what maths can prove. This put an end to the h [ReadMore..]

what is godel's incompleteness theorem

What Is Godel's Incompleteness Theorem

Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the mathematician Kurt Godel and his work. Godel's Incompleteness Theorems ... Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the mathematician Kurt Godel and his work at the very lim [ReadMore..]

math computer

Math Computer

Are you interested in using math to solve real-world problems? ... UW-Stout's Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (AMCS) program ... [ReadMore..]

infinity math

Infinity Math

For 50 years, mathematicians have believed that the total number of real numbers is unknowable. A new proof suggests otherwise. Jul 15, 2021 ... But another camp favors a different vision of infinite [ReadMore..]

infinity text

Infinity Text

A simple, portable scripting language for creating custom visualizations and labeling expressions. -Infinity may also be used as a value smaller than any number. ... TextFormatting.BackwardSlash. Inse [ReadMore..]

mathematical infinity

Mathematical Infinity

Georg Cantor was the genuine discoverer of the Mathematical Infinity, and whatever he claimed, suggested, or even surmised should be taken seriously -- albeit not necessary at its face value. Because [ReadMore..]

infinity symbol text

Infinity Symbol Text

Apr 25, 2022 ... You can insert common characters such as em dashes and en dashes, registered trademark symbols, and ellipses. Using the Type tool, position the ... [ReadMore..]

infinity math rules

Infinity Math Rules

Natural logarithm rules and properties ; ln of zero ; ln of one. ln(1) = 0 ; ln of infinity. lim ln(x) = ∞ ,when x→∞ ; Euler's identity, ln(-1) = iπ ... [ReadMore..]

definition of infinity in math

Definition Of Infinity In Math

Aug 12, 2016 ... From the Euclidean perspective of the (x,y) plane, all of those points with z=0 are said to be "at infinity". Now, every pair of Euclidean ... [ReadMore..]

infinity math symbol

Infinity Math Symbol

Get fun and interesting facts about infinity. Learn about the history of the concept and how it is used today in different fields of study. Feb 22, 2018 ... It is important in mathematics, cosmology, [ReadMore..]

infinity math sign

Infinity Math Sign

The platform uses signed two's complement integer arithmetic with int and long ... Returns the smallest (closest to negative infinity) double value that is ... [ReadMore..]

june huh

June Huh

‪Professor of Mathematics, Princeton University‬ - ‪‪Cited by 981‬‬ - ‪Algebraic Geometry‬ - ‪Tropical Geometry‬ - ‪Combinatorics‬ June Huh. Professor of Mathematics, Princeton [ReadMore..]

jun hu math

Jun Hu Math

Jun Hu , Professor. Mixed Finite Element Methods of Elasticity Problems. Address: Peking University School of Mathematical Sciences, Haidian District ... [ReadMore..]

june huh math

June Huh Math

June Huh will be appointed as Professor of Mathematics, effective July 1, 2021. Huh was previously the Robert and Luisa Fernholz Visiting Professor of ... [ReadMore..]

international workshop of algebraic topology

International Workshop Of Algebraic Topology

Conferences: International Workshop on Algebraic Topology ... The Hecke algebra action and the Rezk logarithm on Morava E-theory of height 2, Trans. Amer. [ReadMore..]

what do math

What Do Math

DOmath (Duke Opportunities in Mathematics) is a program for collaborative student research in all areas of mathematics. The program consists of groups of ... [ReadMore..]

quantum maths

Quantum Maths

The mathematics problem is a bit like Sudoku on steroids. Jan 20, 2022 ... A math problem developed 243 years ago can be solved only by using quantum entanglement, new research finds. [ReadMore..]

number of e

Number Of E

Convert numbers to scientific notation. Calculator for conversion of numbers into scientific notation and e notation. Converts to proper scientific notation format. Calculator Use. Convert a number to [ReadMore..]

definition of e

Definition Of E

Electro mobility (or e-Mobility) represents the concept of using electric powertrain technologies, in-vehicle information, and communication technologies and connected infrastructures to enable the el [ReadMore..]

in math what is e

In Math What Is E

By default many of the Math methods simply call the equivalent method in StrictMath ... The double value that is closer than any other to e, the base of the ... [ReadMore..]

definition of euler's number

Definition Of Euler's Number

Transcribed image text: State the definition of Euler's number e. Sketch the graph of the function f(x) = e". What are the domain and range of this function ... [ReadMore..]

history of number e

History Of Number E

May 5, 2003 ... Personal orders are never invoiced. They are always paid before or when you receive your order. So the Invoice Number link in the detail of ... [ReadMore..]

math number e

Math Number E

By default many of the Math methods simply call the equivalent method in StrictMath for ... Returns Euler's number e raised to the power of a double value. [ReadMore..]

e in math meaning

E In Math Meaning

The number e is one of the most important numbers in mathematics. The first few digits are: 2.7182818284590452353602874713527 (and more ...) It is often called ... [ReadMore..]

string theory equation

String Theory Equation

string theory, in particle physics, a theory that attempts to merge quantum mechanics with Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity. The name string theory comes from the modeling of subatomi [ReadMore..]

us math olympiad team

Us Math Olympiad Team

Washington, D.C. (August 3, 2021)-- Team USA, sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), earned fourth place in the virtual 62nd International Mathem [ReadMore..]

what does e stand for in math

What Does E Stand For In Math

In math, the backwards E, ∃, means there exists. ∈ means part of a set. A line through that ∉ means excluded from. Everyone ∃, but not everyone ∈. We all... “In math, the backwards E, ∃, [ReadMore..]

imaginary numbers

Imaginary Numbers

During the last years of Yves Tanguy’s life, his painting became darker and less poetic... During the last years of Yves Tanguy's life, his painting became darker and less poetic. In Imaginary Numbe [ReadMore..]

infinite number symbol

Infinite Number Symbol

Nov 23, 2014 ... Symbols for Quantifiers Other Than ∀ and ∃. A related MO question (the ... [ReadMore..]

infinite number copy and paste

Infinite Number Copy And Paste

Copy and paste, or find out how to type infinity symbol ∞ directly from your keyboard whether you're on Windows, Mac, or Linux. You can put ∞ in Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. Mathematical infini [ReadMore..]

hardest physics equation

Hardest Physics Equation

They're guaranteed to make your head spin. Jan 28, 2022 ... In 2019, mathematicians finally solved a math puzzle that had stumped them for decades. It's called a Diophantine Equation, ... [ReadMore..]

unsolved problems in physics

Unsolved Problems In Physics

Here is an overview of the five great problems in theoretical physics, as defined by theoretical physicist Lee Smolin in "The Trouble with Physics." May 30, 2019 ... Unsolved Problems in Physics Accor [ReadMore..]

most complicated equation in physics

Most Complicated Equation In Physics

Physics aims to give elegant explanations for the phenomena observed within in our universe. These explanations are encoded in the mathematical language of equations. What are the most important and b [ReadMore..]

hardest equation ever

Hardest Equation Ever

Physics aims to give elegant explanations for the phenomena observed within in our universe. These explanations are encoded in the mathematical language of equations. What are the most important and b [ReadMore..]

hard physics equations

Hard Physics Equations

Simple and exact expressions have been found for the compressibility and pressure equations of state predicted by the Percus—Yevick equation for hard spheres. The equations of state are in good agr. [ReadMore..]

complicated physics equation

Complicated Physics Equation

Mathematically, the problem is reduced to the calculation of the “energy” of the ground state in the Schrödinger equation with a complicated potential. [ReadMore..]

godel's proof

Godel's Proof

Feb 19, 2006 ... Kurt Gödel's incompleteness theorem demonstrates that mathematics contains true statements that cannot be proved. His proof achieves this by ... [ReadMore..]

godel incompleteness theorem explained

Godel Incompleteness Theorem Explained

Marcus du Sautoy discusses Gödel's Incompleteness TheoremMore links & stuff in full description below ↓↓↓Extra Footage Part One: May 31, 2017 ... Marcus du Sauto [ReadMore..]

kurt godel biography

Kurt Godel Biography

“Journey to the Edge of Reason,” by Stephen Budiansky, is an illuminating new biography of the groundbreaking mathematician. Jun 2, 2021 ... Gödel was born in 1906 to a prosperous German-speaking [ReadMore..]

godel's proof ernest nagel pdf

Godel's Proof Ernest Nagel Pdf

Nagel, Ernest, 1901-. Gödel's proof / by Ernest Nagel and James R. Newman.-Rev. ed. / edited and with a new foreword by Douglas R. Hofstadter. [ReadMore..]

lisa piccirillo

Lisa Piccirillo

103 Followers, 109 Following, 59 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lisa Piccirillo (@lisa.piccirillo) 103 Followers, 109 Following, 59 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lisa Picc [ReadMore..]

infinity number symbol

Infinity Number Symbol

The infinity symbol ∞ is sometimes called the lemniscate and is a mathematical symbol representing the concept of infinity. The sign of infinity is used more ... [ReadMore..]

infinity in math

Infinity In Math

Infinity Online courses are flexible, engaging, and challenging; offering a wide variety of core, ... Why take an Infinity class? ... College Prep Math [ReadMore..]

tadashi tokieda

Tadashi Tokieda

The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI), founded in 1982, is an independent nonprofit mathematical research institution whose funding sources include the National Science Foundation, found [ReadMore..]

collatz conjecture lothar collatz

Collatz Conjecture Lothar Collatz

Nov 13, 2019 ... The conjecture proposed by German mathematician Lothar Collatz in 1937 is that for any natural number n, the end result will always be 1. [ReadMore..]

math computer science

Math Computer Science

Mathematics Mathematics is not just an indispensable tool for science and business. It is a rich and beautiful field worthy The Mathematics & Computer Science page provides information of the programs [ReadMore..]

fermat's last theorem pdf

Fermat's Last Theorem Pdf

PDF · An Overview of The Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem. Glenn Stevens. Pages 1-16. PDF · A Survey of the Arithmetic Theory of Elliptic Curves. [ReadMore..]

fermat's last theorem andrew wiles

Fermat's Last Theorem Andrew Wiles

In the 1630s, Pierre de Fermat set a thorny challenge for mathematics with a note scribbled in the margin of a page. More than 350 years later, mathematician Andrew Wiles finally closed the book on Fe [ReadMore..]

euler's constant

Euler's Constant

Sep 12, 2013 ... C++20 std::numbers::e. C++20 has also added an e constant to the standard library: I expect the usage to be ... [ReadMore..]

how is euler's number used

How Is Euler's Number Used

Euler's number ; Euler's number is a constant that appears in a variety of mathematical contexts. It is defined as the positive real number · such that $\ln e=1$ ... [ReadMore..]

euler's number in python

Euler's Number In Python

Euler's constant (sometimes also called the Euler–Mascheroni constant) is a mathematical constant usually denoted by the lowercase Greek letter gamma (γ). [ReadMore..]

euler's number rules

Euler's Number Rules

these identities obvious and easily understood, by relating them to properties of exponentials. 2 The complex plane. A complex number c is given as a sum. [ReadMore..]

euler's number properties

Euler's Number Properties

Euler's Number is an irrational mathematical constant represented by the letter 'e' and forms the base of all natural logarithms Jan 10, 2022 ... What is Euler's Number? ... More specifically, it is a [ReadMore..]

euler's number full

Euler's Number Full

We study transport properties of a quantum dot coupled to a Majorana zero mode and two normal leads. We investigate the full counting statistics of charge tunneling events which allows one to extract [ReadMore..]

why euler number is important

Why Euler Number Is Important

It was that great mathematician Leonhard Euler who discovered the number e and calculated its value to 23 decimal places. It is often called Euler's number ... [ReadMore..]

basic math test for adults

Basic Math Test For Adults

Practice Questions 1. 491 ÷ 9 = A. 54 r5 B. 56 r6 C. 57 r5 D. 51 r3 2. 703 ÷ 6 = A. 116 r5 B. 117 r1 C. 116 r3 D. 118 r4 3. Express 71/1000 as a decimal. A. .71 B. .0071 C. .071 D. 7.1 4. 4.7 + .9 + [ReadMore..]

100 basic math problems

100 Basic Math Problems

100 days of multiplication problems. Discover the difference a couple minutes of practice can make. These are reproducible practice sheets to help students learn their multiplication facts and recall [ReadMore..]

martin a nowak

Martin A Nowak

Evolution, Games, and God explores how cooperation and altruism, alongside mutation and natural selection, play a critical role in evolution, from microbes to human societies. Inheriting a tendency to [ReadMore..]

corina tarnita princeton

Corina Tarnita Princeton

Regular spatial patterns are common in natural systems—across organisms and scales—and can convey important information about those systems’ structure and function. Nov 6, 2020 ... The Geometry [ReadMore..]

n math symbol

N Math Symbol

LaTeX provides almost any mathematical or technical symbol that anyone uses. For example, if you include $\pi$ in your source, you will get the pi symbol π. [ReadMore..]

printable math signs and symbols

Printable Math Signs And Symbols

May 6, 2013 ... So you are trying to print the "Union" symbol, and it isn't working. What evidence do you have that it is supported on the printer you are ... [ReadMore..]

at most in math symbol

At Most In Math Symbol

Let's take a closer look at the 24 Greek letters and Symbols and see what they are used for in the world of science, mathematics, and engineering. Jan 28, 2021 ... Let's take a closer look at the 24 G [ReadMore..]

advanced math symbols

Advanced Math Symbols

Microsoft Mathematics Add-in for Microsoft Word and Microsoft OneNote makes it easy to plot graphs in 2D and 3D, solve equations or inequalities, and simplify algebraic expressions in your Word docume [ReadMore..]

math symbols chart pdf

Math Symbols Chart Pdf

and representing mathematical relationships using tables, symbols, and graphs. The K-8 Mathematics Standards of Learning form a progression of content. [ReadMore..]

mathematical symbols and meanings pdf

Mathematical Symbols And Meanings Pdf

Appraisal Institute Mathematics and Analytical Skills Review. 5. VIII. Fractional Exponents. The definition of a fractional exponent is as follows:. [ReadMore..]

math mind map

Math Mind Map

Aug 21, 2016 - Graphic organizers are visual representations of knowledge, concepts or ideas. Fields of Mathematics Mind map Graphic Organizers, Mathematics, Fields, Knowledge, Mindfulness, ... Factor [ReadMore..]

mind map mathematics

Mind Map Mathematics

This study investigated the effects of mind mapping learning on students' reflective thinking ability in Mathematics. The participants were 48 seventh grade ... [ReadMore..]

map of mathematics poster

Map Of Mathematics Poster

Results 1 - 48 of 401 ... Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. Gearsly Science The Map of Mathematics Poster No Frame Or Framed ... [ReadMore..]

the map of mathematics pdf

The Map Of Mathematics Pdf

In mathematics, a projection is a mapping of a set (or other mathematical structure) into a ... the Surface of the Sphere: Text, Translation, Commentary" (PDF). [ReadMore..]

math exact answer

Math Exact Answer

It means that you leave your answer in the form of a fraction or radicals (square root symbol) — instead of a decimal answer. What ... [ReadMore..]

exact math path

Exact Math Path

Our K–12 math, reading, and language arts program, Exact Path, combines adaptive diagnostic assessments with individualized learning paths to propel learning forward. Let’s take a closer look at w [ReadMore..]

peter scholze algebraic geometry notes

Peter Scholze Algebraic Geometry Notes

Apr 5, 2020 ... (Small note: the difference between pyknotic and condensed is essentially set-theoretic, as explained by Peter Scholze here.) On the other side, ... [ReadMore..]

peter scholze math

Peter Scholze Math

Mathematicians using the computer program Lean have verified the accuracy of a difficult theorem at the cutting edge of research mathematics. Jul 28, 2021 ... The proof in question is by Peter Scholze [ReadMore..]

peter scholze pdf

Peter Scholze Pdf

Perfectoid spaces are a class of algebro-geometric objects living in the realm of p-adic geometry that were introduced by Peter Scholze [Sch12] in his. [ReadMore..]

peter scholze imo

Peter Scholze Imo

seventh International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) held in Hong Kong, July 6–16, 2016, ... The prize citation reads: “At twenty-seven, Peter Scholze. [ReadMore..]

quanta magazine review

Quanta Magazine Review

Its stories employ good grammar and spelling, and they link to other source material. Its headlines are intriguing — they don't give away the whole story — but ... [ReadMore..]

4th dimension

4th Dimension

Orthodontist in Dallas and Allen, TX - Visit our skilled Orthodontist in Dallas and Allen, TX. Call today or request an appointment online. Your Orthodontist and Craniofacial Orthodontic Specialist in [ReadMore..]

quanta magazine math

Quanta Magazine Math

Explore our surprisingly simple, absurdly ambitious and necessarily incomplete guide to the boundless mathematical universe. Feb 13, 2020 ... A project by Quanta Magazine. Text by Kevin Hartnett. Desi [ReadMore..]

quanta magazine illinois

Quanta Magazine Illinois

Jun 11, 2020 ... 11 July, 2018: Article on Jacobsen's research in Quanta Magazine: “The Hunt for Earth's Hidden Oceans“. (image source: Olena Shmahalo/Quanta ... [ReadMore..]

topology hole

Topology Hole

A brilliant Russian proved Poincaré’s conjecture that the hypersphere is the only solid shape with no holes Feb 5, 2015 ... A doughnut: the number of holes determines the topological character of a [ReadMore..]

quanta magazine mathematics

Quanta Magazine Mathematics

Find the latest Quanta Magazine news from WIRED. See related science and technology articles, photos, slideshows and videos. Physicists are translating commonsense principles into strict mathematical [ReadMore..]

quanta magazine map of mathematics

Quanta Magazine Map Of Mathematics

‎Science · 2022 Listen to Quanta Magazine's in-depth news stories about developments in mathematics, theoretical physics, theoretical computer science and the basic life ... [ReadMore..]