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santiago ramón y cajal drawings

Santiago Ramón Y Cajal Drawings

“A graphic representation of the object observed guarantees the exactness of the observation itself.” Feb 23, 2017 ... The Spanish histologist, onetime bodybuilder, selfie pioneer, and Nobel laure [ReadMore..]

universe before big bang

Universe Before Big Bang

Apr 17, 2019 ... It's possible that before the Big Bang, the universe was an infinite stretch of an ultrahot, dense material, persisting in a steady state ... [ReadMore..]

steven wienberg

Steven Wienberg

Steven Weinberg talks to CERN Courier about his seminal 1967 work and discusses where next for particle physics following the discovery of the Higgs boson. Oct 13, 2017 ... Steven Weinberg was 34 when [ReadMore..]



Professor Steven Weinberg. Department of Physics Theory Group. Jack S. Josey-Welch Foundation Chair in Science and Regental ... [ReadMore..]

what is life schrodinger

What Is Life Schrodinger

In 1943, Erwin Schrödinger (1887-1961), Nobel-prize winning physicist and Director of Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS), delivered three public lectures entitled What is Life? at Trinity� [ReadMore..]

steven weinberg religion quote

Steven Weinberg Religion Quote

“With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil - that takes religion.” · “Religion is an ... [ReadMore..]

steven weinberg passed away

Steven Weinberg Passed Away

Steven Weinberg, renowned particle theorist and Nobel laureate, passed away in July 2021. We discuss selections of his work on effective field theory, electroweak unification, and symmetry related top [ReadMore..]

steven weinberg religion

Steven Weinberg Religion

Ever the secular rationalist, Weinberg is known among scientists for his outspoken opinions on the subject of religion. Weinberg told a New York Times ... [ReadMore..]

steven weinberg ut austin

Steven Weinberg Ut Austin

“By any measure Steve was a great physicist and also a great historian of physics.” Aug 3, 2021 ... Theoretical physicist Steven Weinberg died on 23 July in Austin, ... of Physics and Professor of [ReadMore..]

steven weinberg cause of death

Steven Weinberg Cause Of Death

WEINBERG: It makes me nervous when physicists use the word "God" loosely, ... the fact that it allows us to think that we will continue after death. [ReadMore..]