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3 ways math helped in ancient times

3 Ways Math Helped In Ancient Times

The significant mathematics contributions of ancient Greece spanning over 600 years of history with individual achievements of important Greek scholars is presented. History of Mathematics Contributio [ReadMore..]

ancient math tools

Ancient Math Tools

Period: Approximately 44,000 BCE ~ The exploitation of counting was a very gradual process in human history, and much of the details of this development is unknown. However, three major tools that.. [ReadMore..]

geometry –

Geometry –

geometry, the branch of mathematics concerned with the shape of individual objects, spatial relationships among various objects, and the properties of surrounding space. It is one of the oldest branc [ReadMore..]

caucher birkar

Caucher Birkar

A lecture on human rights and the importance of mathematics from Fields Medal winner Caucher Birkar. Jan 21, 2020 ... A lecture on human rights and the importance of mathematics from Fields Medal winn [ReadMore..]

caucher birkar math

Caucher Birkar Math

In contrast to Mori's concrete, geometric approach,. Shokurov's work was much more algebraic, drawing on ideas from highly abstract branches of mathematics such ... [ReadMore..]

caucher birkar tsinghua

Caucher Birkar Tsinghua

The Department of Mathematical Sciences of Tsinghua University, Yau Mathematical Sciences Center and Yanqi Lake Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences ... [ReadMore..]

caucher birkar cv

Caucher Birkar Cv

Course Number, Course Title, Instructor, Department. Caucher Birkar, Birational Geometry(4), 84760012, Caucher Birkar. Caucher Birkar, Birational Geometry(4) ... [ReadMore..]

caucher birkar wife

Caucher Birkar Wife

Feb 1, 2020 ... Short Bio of Caucher Birkar. 1978: Born in Marivan, Iran. He is Kurdish! 1979: Iranian Revolution. 1980-1988: Iraq-Iran war. [ReadMore..]

roots of complex number calculator

Roots Of Complex Number Calculator

Free Complex Numbers Calculator - Simplify complex expressions using algebraic rules step-by-step Free Complex Numbers Calculator - Simplify complex expressions using algebraic rules step-by-step. [ReadMore..]

geometry mirror

Geometry Mirror

Reflections are everywhere ... in mirrors, glass, and here in a lake. ... You can try reflecting some shapes about different mirror lines here: Next Shape. [ReadMore..]

maya mirror mesh

Maya Mirror Mesh

Dec 17, 2009 ... Problems with Mirror Geometry tool Maya Basics & Newbie Lounge. ... And now i want to mirror using Mirror Geometry but it al goes wrong. [ReadMore..]

daz3d mirror hair

Daz3d Mirror Hair

Lipstick Prop Left Hand; Lipstick Prop Right Hand; Lipstick Prop Mirrored Left Hand ... Shirley Lee Character with Hair for Genesis 8 and 8.1 Female. [ReadMore..]

nx mirror body

Nx Mirror Body

Siemens Nx Training Tutorial | UG Nx CAD Tutorial | Mirror body Jul 25, 2013 ... Siemens Nx Training Tutorial | UG Nx CAD Tutorial | Mirror body. 9,984 views9.9K views. Jul 25, 2013. 4. Dislike. Share [ReadMore..]

tropical geometry and mirror symmetry

Tropical Geometry And Mirror Symmetry

Let X be a toric Fano manifold given by a reflexive polytope Δ and let Crit(f)⊂(C*)s be the solution scheme of the Landau–Ginzburg system associated with a Laurent polynomial fu(z)≔∑n∈Δ◦ [ReadMore..]

maya how to mirror object

Maya How To Mirror Object

Maya mirror control python script. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. class MirrorControl(object):. def __init__(self):. #store your controls in a variable. Tru [ReadMore..]

maya mirror geometry

Maya Mirror Geometry

In this tutorial you will learn how to use Mirror Mesh in Maya.Please watch the full tutorial and ask any question in the comment below. #mirrormesh #autodeskmaya #3dmodeling #3dmesh #3dobject #mirro [ReadMore..]

space geometry

Space Geometry

The geometry that describes the relationship among colors, and the neural mechanisms that support color vision, are unsettled. Here, we use multivariate analyses of measurements of brain activity obta [ReadMore..]

maths beautiful shape

Maths Beautiful Shape

How a destructive idea paved the way for modern math. Mar 28, 2014 ... How a destructive idea paved the way for modern math. ... His proof consisted of equations rather than shapes, and this was what [ReadMore..]

moon duchin

Moon Duchin

We discuss the "compactness," or shape analysis, of electoral districts, focusing on some of the most popular definitions in the political science literature, which compare area to perimeter. We ident [ReadMore..]

metric geometry

Metric Geometry

Computational and Metric Geometry ... range searching, segment intersection, Voronoi diagrams, Delaunay triangulations, metric and normed spaces, ... [ReadMore..]

mggg redistricting lab

Mggg Redistricting Lab

Our data partners are engaged in collecting precinct boundary, elections, redistricting and map data MGGG Redistricting Lab is a research group led by PI Moon Duchin at Tufts that grew out of the Metr [ReadMore..]

metric geometry and gerrymandering group

Metric Geometry And Gerrymandering Group

Nonpartisan redistricting analysis • draw stuff at Nonpartisan redistricting analysis • draw stuff at ... Join the Districtr team to learn how to [ReadMore..]

professor moon duchin

Professor Moon Duchin

Biography: Moon Duchin is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Tufts University and was one of the faculty who founded the interdisciplinary Science, ... [ReadMore..]



Come join our team! We’re hiring a new Software Developer to rewrite our Districtr web app. Letters of interest are being accepted by email to [email protected]. Read more about the position here. Nov 1 [ReadMore..]

moon duchin gerrymandering

Moon Duchin Gerrymandering

Mar 31, 2021 ... by Daryl DeFord, Moon Duchin, and Justin Solomon. Published onMar 31, ... Keywords: redistricting, gerrymandering, Markov chains, sampling ... [ReadMore..]

cosmic geometry

Cosmic Geometry

Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian: Cosmic Geometry Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian: Cosmic Geometry [Ardalan, Nader, Farzin, Media, Sims, Eleanor, Obrist, Hans Ulrich, Marta, Karen, Farmanfarmaian, ... [ReadMore..]

introduction to geometry book

Introduction To Geometry Book

A full course in challenging geometry for students in grades 7-10, including topics such as similar triangles, congruent triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, circles, funky areas, power of a point, th [ReadMore..]

secret geometry

Secret Geometry


cosmic core

Cosmic Core


sacred geometry egg of life

Sacred Geometry Egg Of Life

What is the Egg of life. Meaning and its relationship with the sacred geometry. Encyclopedia article about the Egg of Life. The Egg of Life has been regarded as a symbol of new life for many centuries [ReadMore..]

human geometry

Human Geometry

Unsupervised Geometry-Aware Representation for 3D Human Pose Estimation. Helge Rhodin[3−2692−0801], Mathieu Salzmann[2−8347−8637], and. [ReadMore..]

mighty math cosmic geometry

Mighty Math Cosmic Geometry

Amazing Angles GeoMovies Robot Studio Tessellation Creations Mighty Math Cosmic Geometry. Edit. Advertisement. Description. Activities. Amazing Angles; GeoMovies; Robot Studio; Tessellation Creations. [ReadMore..]

the math world

The Math World

Sep 18, 2018 ... Minor Bug Fixes. flagFlag as inappropriate. Developer contact. expand_more. language. Website. [ReadMore..]

string theory vs loop theory

String Theory Vs Loop Theory

For starters, LQG studies bits of space-time, whereas string theory investigates the behavior of objects within space-time. Instead of being flat like a ... [ReadMore..]

math tiling patterns

Math Tiling Patterns

They are quasicrystals: implemented as a physical structure a Penrose tiling will produce diffraction patterns with Bragg peaks and five-fold symmetry, ... [ReadMore..]

eternal universe

Eternal Universe

Cosmologists use the mathematical properties of eternity to show that although universe may last forever, it must have had a beginning Apr 24, 2012 ... Their argument focuses on the mathematical prop [ReadMore..]

tiling patterns math

Tiling Patterns Math

A tessellation or tiling is the covering of a surface, often a plane, using one or more geometric shapes, called tiles, with no overlaps and no gaps. [ReadMore..]

black hole singularity math

Black Hole Singularity Math

All of these FRW universes have a singularity at their beginning, which represents the Big Bang. Black holes also have singularities. Furthermore, in the case ... [ReadMore..]

i m singer

I M Singer

Isaac Merrit Singer developed the first commercially successful sewing machine. Born in 1811 in Pittstown, New York, Singer spent much of his youth devoted ... [ReadMore..]

isadore singer face

Isadore Singer Face

Please Subscribe! Jun 13, 2019 ... Please Subscribe! [ReadMore..]

math research topics for students

Math Research Topics For Students

Math research topics were collected by our best Math experts just for you. Select the topic you like and ace your performance at this subject. Math research topics were collected by our best Math expe [ReadMore..]

symmetry mirror

Symmetry Mirror

We study the dynamics of the half-filled zeroth Landau level of Dirac fermions using mirror symmetry, a supersymmetric duality between certain pairs of $2+1$-dimensional theories. We show that the hal [ReadMore..]

brian lawrence math

Brian Lawrence Math

Check out the ratings and reviews for L.Brian Lawrence from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA L.Brian Lawrence is a professor in the Mathematics department at George Mason University - see what t [ReadMore..]

geometries of the universe

Geometries Of The Universe

According to Einstein's theory of General Relativity, the Universe could take one of three forms: flat like a piece of paper, closed like a sphere, or open like a saddle. Apr 26, 2022 ... According to [ReadMore..]

toroid universe

Toroid Universe

Despite the recent headlines, it's an extraordinarily unlikely proposition. Jul 21, 2021 ... A visualization of a 3-torus model of space, where our observable Universe could be just a small ... [+] . [ReadMore..]

three torus universe

Three Torus Universe

In our mind’s eye, the universe seems to go on forever. But using geometry we can explore a variety of three-dimensional shapes that offer alternatives to “ordinary” infinite space. Mar 16, 2020 [ReadMore..]

learn geometry free online

Learn Geometry Free Online

After conducting in-depth research, our team of global experts compiled this list of Best Geometry Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training, and 1. Become a Geometry Master (Udemy) · 2. Basic geometry [ReadMore..]

toroidal earth theory meaning

Toroidal Earth Theory Meaning

Multi-chapter guide to Toroidal Transformers describing: what a toroidal ... meaning the generated power in the secondary winding is the same as the power ... [ReadMore..]

geometry shapes and definitions

Geometry Shapes And Definitions

Mathematical geometric shapes are mathematical figures that represent the shapes of everyday objects. The geometry of shapes is the study of objects... Mathematical geometric shapes are mathematical f [ReadMore..]

june huh

June Huh

‪Professor of Mathematics, Princeton University‬ - ‪‪Cited by 981‬‬ - ‪Algebraic Geometry‬ - ‪Tropical Geometry‬ - ‪Combinatorics‬ June Huh. Professor of Mathematics, Princeton [ReadMore..]

june huh princeton

June Huh Princeton

June Huh's Home Page ... I am a mathematician at Princeton University. Previously, I was at Institute for Advanced Study and Stanford University. I am broadly ... [ReadMore..]

june huh math

June Huh Math

June Huh will be appointed as Professor of Mathematics, effective July 1, 2021. Huh was previously the Robert and Luisa Fernholz Visiting Professor of ... [ReadMore..]

international workshop of algebraic topology

International Workshop Of Algebraic Topology

Conferences: International Workshop on Algebraic Topology ... The Hecke algebra action and the Rezk logarithm on Morava E-theory of height 2, Trans. Amer. [ReadMore..]

hyperbolic shapes

Hyperbolic Shapes

No parametric data exists in the main international standards to calculate wind action on buildings with hyperbolic paraboloid roofs. This type of roo… This paper studies the elliptical shape in par [ReadMore..]

hyperbolic geometry examples

Hyperbolic Geometry Examples

The Euclidean transformation group, E, consisting of all (Euclidean) rotations and translations, is generated by reflections about Euclidean lines. Similarly, the transformations in H are … Exam [ReadMore..]

hyperbolic geometry for dummies

Hyperbolic Geometry For Dummies

Recently, the existence of an Amplituhedron for tree level amplitudes in the bi-adjoint scalar field theory has been proved by Arkhani-Hamed et al. We argue that hyperbolic geometry constitutes a natu [ReadMore..]

hyperbolic geometry

Hyperbolic Geometry

HYPERBOLIC GEOMETRY. NICHOLAS SCHRODER. MAT 498. DR. VOCHITA MIHAI. 1. Introduction. 1.1. Euclidean Geometry. Euclidean geometry is the study of plane and ... [ReadMore..]

uses of hyperbolic geometry

Uses Of Hyperbolic Geometry

Recently multilayer networks are introduced to model real systems. In these models the individuals make connection in multiple layers. Transportation networks, biological systems and social networks a [ReadMore..]

circle in hyperbolic geometry

Circle In Hyperbolic Geometry

Dec 21, 2016 ... Thus, the idea of “lines” in Euclidean space is generalized when in hyperbolic space to include circles. This disc model is precisely what ... [ReadMore..]

hyperbolic geometry model

Hyperbolic Geometry Model

Hyperbolic geometry is the geometry you get by assuming all the postulates of Euclid, except the fifth one, which is replaced by its negation. [ReadMore..]

hyperbolic geometry equations

Hyperbolic Geometry Equations

In Hyperbolic Geometry, the equation A=½bh gives three different answers ... In Hyperbolic Geometry, rectangles (quadrilaterals with 4 right angles) do not ... [ReadMore..]

hyperbolic geometry basic

Hyperbolic Geometry Basic

An introduction to models of hyperbolic geometry and its application to Poincaré embeddings. Jun 17, 2018 ... The basic idea behind all these different definitions is that curvature is some measure b [ReadMore..]

hardest equation in the world

Hardest Equation In The World Sam Stenner, MSci Computer Science, University of Exeter (2021) Updated Mar 11, 2017 · Upvoted by Michael Jørgensen, PhD Apr 11, [ReadMore..]

the shape of the universe

The Shape Of The Universe

Flat universes are infinite in spatial extent, and have no boundaries. Parallel lines are always parallel and triangles always have 180 degrees. Flat universes ... [ReadMore..]

is the universe spherical

Is The Universe Spherical

A new theory about a sphere-shaped universe contradicts the conventional idea that the universe stretches infinitely in all directions. Mar 4, 2020 ... The idea of a curved universe is not new. Einste [ReadMore..]

geometry of the universe

Geometry Of The Universe

An alternative geometry of the universe. by Maggie Wang. In June, Ba buys cherries, and we run our fingers along the skins, [ReadMore..]

shape of space time

Shape Of Space Time

Mar 21, 2003 ... Presuming spacetime is a curved manifold as portrayed by general relativity, translation in space can be accomplished simply by cyclic changes ... [ReadMore..]

shape of space

Shape Of Space

Park West Business Park,. Nangor Road,. Dublin 12. Shape and Space. Manual. A Guide to Teaching and Learning in Irish Primary Schools ... [ReadMore..]

why is the universe flat

Why Is The Universe Flat

"This result shows the power of galaxy surveys to pin down the amount of dark energy and how it evolved over the last billion years." By improving the way astronomers measure the impact of dark energy [ReadMore..]



geometry – Flexible and complete interface to document dimensions. The package provides an easy and flexible user interface to customize page layout, ... [ReadMore..]

holes in a straw

Holes In A Straw

Reusable Face Mask with Straw Hole for Drinking – USA Made Washable Face Mask with Drinking Straw Hole – Straw Hole Face Mask for Nose and Mouth - Made in The USA, Black CONVENIENT, FLEXIBLE STRAW [ReadMore..]

hindu cosmology

Hindu Cosmology

May 3, 2021 ... A visualization of the cosmology of the hindu people of ancient India during the vedic period. See more on my website! [ReadMore..]

basic math test for adults

Basic Math Test For Adults

Practice Questions 1. 491 ÷ 9 = A. 54 r5 B. 56 r6 C. 57 r5 D. 51 r3 2. 703 ÷ 6 = A. 116 r5 B. 117 r1 C. 116 r3 D. 118 r4 3. Express 71/1000 as a decimal. A. .71 B. .0071 C. .071 D. 7.1 4. 4.7 + .9 + [ReadMore..]

is the universe curved

Is The Universe Curved

The 'holographic principle,' the idea that a universe with gravity can be described by a quantum field theory in fewer dimensions, has been used for years as a mathematical tool in strange curved spac [ReadMore..]

shape of the universe theory

Shape Of The Universe Theory

Scientists will be able to use powerful new mathematical tools developed at the University of Waterloo to bring them closer to an understanding of the origin of the universe, says Achim Kempf, an appl [ReadMore..]

possible shapes of the universe

Possible Shapes Of The Universe

Jul 19, 2021 ... Astrophysicists say our universe might be shaped like a ... movements would be possible and physicists could potentially measure its size. [ReadMore..]

how many holes in a straw

How Many Holes In A Straw

Someone please help me. Jan 29, 2018 ... For starters, what's the true definition of a hole? ... turned upside down with this whole “how many holes does a straw have” debate. [ReadMore..]

space is flat

Space Is Flat

Flat Address Space is a system of addressing computer memory which may be physical or virtual and in real or protected mode Address space is the memory ... [ReadMore..]

is our universe flat

Is Our Universe Flat

All possible Universes are finite since there is only a finite age and, therefore, a limiting horizon. The geometry may be flat or open, and therefore infinite ... [ReadMore..]

flat universe definition

Flat Universe Definition

This is fully understandable in terms of general relativity because a globally spatially flat universe, by definition, must have a net zero energy density. [ReadMore..]

is the universe flat nasa

Is The Universe Flat Nasa

The most powerful telescope ever built is scheduled to launch on December 18. The James Webb Space Telescope will peer into the atmospheres of exoplanets, some of which are potentially habitable, and [ReadMore..]

what does flat universe mean

What Does Flat Universe Mean

Dec 4, 2017 ... No, being flat and being homogeneous is not equivalent†. Flatness refers to the geometry, which depends on the total energy density ρ; ... [ReadMore..]

flat universe theory

Flat Universe Theory

Whenever we talk about the expanding universe, everyone wants to know how this is going to end. Sure, they say, the fact that most of the galaxies we can see are speeding away from us in all direction [ReadMore..]

how many holes in straw

How Many Holes In Straw

Feb 27, 2019 ... "It has one hole, because it's topologically equivalent to a doughnut and a coffee cup (and some would say a human, though we're arguably more ... [ReadMore..]

peter scholze algebraic geometry notes

Peter Scholze Algebraic Geometry Notes

Apr 5, 2020 ... (Small note: the difference between pyknotic and condensed is essentially set-theoretic, as explained by Peter Scholze here.) On the other side, ... [ReadMore..]

peter scholze math

Peter Scholze Math

Mathematicians using the computer program Lean have verified the accuracy of a difficult theorem at the cutting edge of research mathematics. Jul 28, 2021 ... The proof in question is by Peter Scholze [ReadMore..]

peter scholze pdf

Peter Scholze Pdf

Perfectoid spaces are a class of algebro-geometric objects living in the realm of p-adic geometry that were introduced by Peter Scholze [Sch12] in his. [ReadMore..]

peter scholze cv

Peter Scholze Cv

Construction de représentations galoisiennes de torsion, d'apr`es Peter. Scholze, séminaire Bourbaki, juin 2015 : https://web.math.princeton. [ReadMore..]

peter scholze imo

Peter Scholze Imo

seventh International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) held in Hong Kong, July 6–16, 2016, ... The prize citation reads: “At twenty-seven, Peter Scholze. [ReadMore..]

peter scholze arxiv

Peter Scholze Arxiv

[email protected]. Born 1987. Studies of Mathematics at the University of Bonn, Master 2010, PhD 2012. Clay Research Fellow 2011-2016. [ReadMore..]

peter scholze homepage

Peter Scholze Homepage

At 28, Peter Scholze is uncovering deep connections between number theory and geometry. Jul 3, 2016 ... At 28, Peter Scholze is uncovering deep connections between number theory and geometry. [ReadMore..]

peter scholze blog

Peter Scholze Blog

Jun 5, 2021 ... [This is a guest post by Peter Scholze.] Exactly half a year ago I wrote the Liquid Tensor Experiment blog post, challenging the ... [ReadMore..]