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rocks in the ocean

Rocks In The Ocean

On a night just like this, in a place far away / He met with a giri in the spring / And something about him just turned her around / As though she were caught on a string / And Rocks in the Ocean Lyri [ReadMore..]

letter for gene cj petit

Letter For Gene Cj Petit

Glucose-6-phosphatase-α (G6PC) is a key enzyme in glucose homeostasis that catalyzes the hydrolysis of glucose-6-phosphate to glucose and phosphate in the terminal step of gluconeogenesis and glycoge [ReadMore..]

57 different alien species

57 Different Alien Species

The aim of our study is to provide an integrated framework for the management of alien plant invasions, combining insights and experiences from the fields of invasion and restoration ecology to enable [ReadMore..]

applications of laws of physics

Applications Of Laws Of Physics

In this installment of ICC Prep, John Noblitt explains the inverse square law, one of many laws of physics which may be applied to medical instrumentation. The inverse square law can be useful in area [ReadMore..]