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urmila mahadev

Urmila Mahadev

How a graduate student solved one of the most important questions in quantum computation. Nov 18, 2021 ... Dr. Urmila Mahadev has done remarkable work to figure out a way to verify that our quantum co [ReadMore..]

nobel prize crispr

Nobel Prize Crispr

Since it was first recognized in bacteria and archaea as a mechanism for innate viral immunity in the early 2010s, clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)/CRISPR-associated [ReadMore..]

is the expansion of the universe accelerating

Is The Expansion Of The Universe Accelerating

Is the Expansion of the Universe Accelerating? All Signs Still Point to Yes: A Local Dipole Anisotropy Cannot Explain Dark Energy. [ReadMore..]

why is universe expansion accelerating

Why Is Universe Expansion Accelerating

The expansion rate is dropping, but distant galaxies are accelerating. Here's how. Jan 5, 2021 ... The expansion rate drops, asymptoting to a constant (but positive) value, while the expansion speed i [ReadMore..]

fields medal akshay venkatesh

Fields Medal Akshay Venkatesh

Aug 1, 2018 ... Fields Medal Video: Akshay Venkatesh. Akshay Venkatesh of Stanford University and the Institute for Advanced Study synthesized analytic ... [ReadMore..]

akshay venkatesh stanford

Akshay Venkatesh Stanford

“Akshay Venkatesh has won a #FieldsMedal2018 for his “profound contributions to an exceptionally broad range of subjects” in math and his “strikingly far-reaching conjectures.” [ReadMore..]

nobel prize chemistry 2020

Nobel Prize Chemistry 2020

NSF-supported basic research helped lead to CRISPR's beginnings Oct 7, 2020 ... Often referred to as "genetic scissors," CRISPR is a powerful gene editing tool. ... The Nobel Assembly has awarded the [ReadMore..]



Professor Steven Weinberg. Department of Physics Theory Group. Jack S. Josey-Welch Foundation Chair in Science and Regental ... [ReadMore..]

martin hairer

Martin Hairer

Sir Martin Hairer KBE FRS (born 14 November 1975) is an Austrian-British mathematician working in the field of stochastic analysis, in particular stochastic ... [ReadMore..]

physicist steven weinberg died

Physicist Steven Weinberg Died

Weinberg, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1979 and the National Medal of Science in 1991, was one of the most decorated UT faculty members and is best known for his research on subatomic part… [ReadMore..]

steven weinberg ut austin

Steven Weinberg Ut Austin

“By any measure Steve was a great physicist and also a great historian of physics.” Aug 3, 2021 ... Theoretical physicist Steven Weinberg died on 23 July in Austin, ... of Physics and Professor of [ReadMore..]

peter scholze homepage

Peter Scholze Homepage

At 28, Peter Scholze is uncovering deep connections between number theory and geometry. Jul 3, 2016 ... At 28, Peter Scholze is uncovering deep connections between number theory and geometry. [ReadMore..]