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artificial intelligence research papers

Artificial Intelligence Research Papers

UPDATE: We’ve also summarized the top 2019 and top 2020 AI & machine learning research papers. Trying to keep up with AI research papers can feel like an exercise in futility given how quickly the [ReadMore..]

the block universe

The Block Universe

The present has a special status for us humans – our past seems to no longer exists, and our future is yet to come into existence. But according to how physicists and philosophers interpret Einstein [ReadMore..]

block universe view

Block Universe View

In his new book, “Objective Becoming,” from Oxford University Press, MIT philosopher Bradley Skow details the “block universe” theory of time, in which time passes — but not in the way you m [ReadMore..]

rogue holes ocean

Rogue Holes Ocean

One hundred years ago, on Dec. 31, 1914, the lighthouse at Trinidad Head was assaulted by a wave of monstrous proportions. Although the details are unclear, we know that the storm that produced the w [ReadMore..]