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Microsoft doubles down on quantum computing bet - The AI Blog

Microsoft Doubles Down On Quantum Computing Bet - The AI Blog

Microsoft is doubling down on its commitment to the tantalizing field of quantum computing, making a strong bet that it is possible to create a scalable quantum computer using what is called a topological qubit. Longtime Microsoft executive Todd Holmdahl – who has a history of successfully bringing seemingly magical research projects to life as... Nov 20, 2016 ... Microsoft's approach to building a quantum computer is based on a type of qubit – or unit of quantum information – called a topological ... [ReadMore..]

Microsoft, Purdue collaborate to advance quantum computing ...

Microsoft, Purdue Collaborate To Advance Quantum Computing ...

May 30, 2017 ... "Topological quantum computing utilizes qubits that store information “non-locally” and the outside noise sources have less effect on the qubit, ... [ReadMore..]

Inside Microsoft's quest for a topological quantum computer | Nature

Inside Microsoft's Quest For A Topological Quantum Computer | Nature

Oct 21, 2016 ... Inside Microsoft's quest for a topological quantum computer ... Alex Bocharov explains why the company is hoping to build qubits out of particles ... [ReadMore..]

In a historic milestone, Azure Quantum demonstrates formerly ...

In A Historic Milestone, Azure Quantum Demonstrates Formerly ...

Azure Quantum has made a scientific breakthrough to demonstrate the formerly elusive building blocks for a topological qubit. Mar 14, 2022 ... Microsoft's approach has been to pursue a topological qubit that has built-in protection from environmental noise, which means it should take ... [ReadMore..]

Major Quantum Computing Strategy Suffers Serious Setbacks ...

Major Quantum Computing Strategy Suffers Serious Setbacks ...

So-called topological quantum computing would avoid many of the problems that stand in the way of full-scale quantum computers. But high-profile missteps have led some experts to question whether the… Sep 29, 2021 ... Microsoft didn't mind, because it created a buzz around their magic topological quantum computer that of course doesn't exist and never will. [ReadMore..]

Developing a topological qubit - Microsoft Azure Quantum Blog

Developing A Topological Qubit - Microsoft Azure Quantum Blog

Learn what's involved in the journey to create a topological qubit, including different stages of development, first-of-their-kind fabrication approaches, and an overview of the many fields of knowledge that come together to make this vision a reality. Sep 6, 2018 ... Topological qubits are protected from noise due to their values existing at two distinct points, making our quantum computer more robust against ... [ReadMore..]

Microsoft Quantum overview | Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Quantum Overview | Microsoft Azure

The world's first scalable, full-stack, open cloud quantum computing ecosystem, featuring solutions, software, and hardware delivered through Azure. The world's first full-stack, open cloud quantum computing ecosystem, ... Now, Microsoft has all the building blocks of a topological qubit—a new and unique ... [ReadMore..]

Topological Quantum Computing - Microsoft Research

Topological Quantum Computing - Microsoft Research

Quantum computers should be capable of performing tasks that would be very difficult, if not impossible, with digital computers, such as finding the prime factors of large numbers, searching large databases, and simulating quantum systems. However, enormous scientific and engineering challenges must be overcome for scalable quantum computers to be realized. Topological quantum computation is […] Topological Quantum Computing ... Quantum computers should be capable of performing tasks that would be very difficult, if not impossible, with digital computers, ... [ReadMore..]

Microsoft Chooses Exotic

Microsoft Chooses Exotic "Topological Qubits" As Future Of Quantum ...

Microsoft is taking the road less traveled, hoping it will make all the difference. Mar 20, 2022 ... Microsoft's topological qubit design features a U-shaped wire with a Majorana zero mode at each end, thus providing physical separation, in ... [ReadMore..]

For faster quantum computing, Microsoft builds a better qubit - CNET

For Faster Quantum Computing, Microsoft Builds A Better Qubit - CNET

It's redesigning the core element of quantum computing, the qubit. Nov 7, 2019 ... Microsoft's new approach to quantum computing is "very close," an executive says. ... Microsoft's quantum computing team is working on a ... [ReadMore..]

Microsoft reports a Majorana development in quantum quest

Microsoft Reports A Majorana Development In Quantum Quest

Microsoft says its researchers have found evidence of an exotic phenomenon that's key to its plans to build general-purpose quantum computers. Mar 14, 2022 ... The phenomenon, known as a Majorana zero mode, is expected to smooth the path for topological quantum computing — the technological approach ... [ReadMore..]