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Constraints on the Universe as a Numerical Simulation

Constraints On The Universe As A Numerical Simulation

Observable consequences of the hypothesis that the observed universe is a numerical simulation performed on a cubic space-time lattice or grid are explored. The simulation scenario is first motivated by extrapolating current trends in computational resource requirements for lattice QCD into the future. Using the historical development of lattice gauge theory technology as a guide, we assume that our universe is an early numerical simulation with unimproved Wilson fermion discretization and investigate potentially-observable consequences. Among the observables that are considered are the muon g-2 and the current differences between determinations of alpha, but the most stringent bound on the inverse lattice spacing of the universe, b^(-1) >~ 10^(11) GeV, is derived from the high-energy cut off of the cosmic ray spectrum. The numerical simulation scenario could reveal itself in the distributions of the highest energy cosmic rays exhibiting a degree of rotational symmetry breaking that reflects the structure of Oct 4, 2012 ... Using the historical development of lattice gauge theory technology as a guide, we assume that our universe is an early numerical simulation ... [ReadMore..]

Simulation hypothesis - Wikipedia

Simulation Hypothesis - Wikipedia

The simulation hypothesis proposes that all of existence might be a simulated reality, such as a computer simulation which convinces its inhabitants that ... [ReadMore..]

Is Our Entire Universe Just a Simulated Reality? – Now. Powered by ...

Is Our Entire Universe Just A Simulated Reality? – Now. Powered By ...

Is all of existence just an advanced computer simulation? It's not entirely out of the question — we may be nothing more than simulated reality. Jul 14, 2020 ... Also called the simulation hypothesis, the argument here is simple: All reality is actually an artificial simulation, most likely one run by an ... [ReadMore..]

Of Course We're Living in a Simulation | WIRED

Of Course We're Living In A Simulation | WIRED

The only people who absolutely disagree are, well, scientists. They need to get over themselves and join the fun. Mar 9, 2022 ... The best theory physicists have for the birth of the universe makes no sense. It goes like this: In the beginning—the very, ... [ReadMore..]

Are we living in a simulated universe? Here's what scientists say.

Are We Living In A Simulated Universe? Here's What Scientists Say.

“If we are living in a simulation, then the cosmos that we are observing is just a tiny piece of the totality of physical existence." Jul 6, 2019 ... “Just as you can simulate anything else, you can simulate brains,” Bostrom says. True, we don't yet have the technology to pull it off, but he ... [ReadMore..]

The Simulation Hypothesis: are we living in a video game? - Vox

The Simulation Hypothesis: Are We Living In A Video Game? - Vox

Why this computer scientist thinks reality might be a video game. Oct 24, 2020 ... ... 1) All human-like civilizations in the universe go extinct before they develop the technological capacity to create simulated realities; ... [ReadMore..]

“Is Our Universe a Simulation?” with Brian Greene : StarTalk Radio ...

“Is Our Universe A Simulation?” With Brian Greene : StarTalk Radio ...

Neil Tyson explores the nature of reality with physicists Brian Greene & Stephon Alexander, philosopher David Chalmers, Maeve Higgins, Chuck Nice, Bill Nye. Nov 4, 2016 ... Is our universe just an incredibly complex computer simulation? Or is it just one of many universes, each brought into existence by the ... [ReadMore..]

Shtetl-Optimized » Blog Archive » Your yearly dose of is-the ...

Shtetl-Optimized » Blog Archive » Your Yearly Dose Of Is-the ...

Yesterday Ryan Mandelbaum, at Gizmodo, posted a decidedly tongue-in-cheek piece about whether or not the universe is a computer simulation.  (The piece was filed under the category “LOL.… Mar 22, 2017 ... Another viewpoint for the is-the-universe-a-simulation is from the computer science view. If one builds a computer to simulate a single ... [ReadMore..]

Simulations show formation of universe's first light – Harvard Gazette

Simulations Show Formation Of Universe's First Light – Harvard Gazette

Using one of the world’s largest supercomputers, high-resolution simulations were created that show 1 million galaxies forming some 13 billion years ago. Mar 24, 2022 ... It's a simulation of the early universe, a time after the Big Bang when the cosmos transformed from a place of utter darkness to a radiant, ... [ReadMore..]

If the universe is a giant computer simulation, here's how many bits ...

If The Universe Is A Giant Computer Simulation, Here's How Many Bits ...

How many bits does the universe contain? A lot. Nov 4, 2021 ... The findings could have implications for the speculative possibility that the universe is actually a gigantic computer simulation. [ReadMore..]

The Universe Is Not a Simulation, but We Can Now Simulate It ...

The Universe Is Not A Simulation, But We Can Now Simulate It ...

Computer simulations have become so accurate that cosmologists can now use them to study dark matter, supermassive black holes and other mysteries of the real evolving cosmos. Jun 12, 2018 ... The Universe Is Not a Simulation, but We Can Now Simulate It · Black Hole Engines and Superbubble Shockwaves · Saving Dark Matter · The Quanta ... [ReadMore..]