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Watch Live Today: The Future of Cosmology [Video] News and ...

Watch Live Today: The Future Of Cosmology [Video] News And ...

Cosmologist Kendrick Smith will present a free live Webcast on the quest to understand the origin of the universe   Feb 4, 2015 ... Watch Live Today: The Future of Cosmology [Video]. Cosmologist Kendrick Smith will present a free live Webcast on the quest to understand ... [ReadMore..]

Aging stars provide a new cosmological yardstick | University of ...

Aging Stars Provide A New Cosmological Yardstick | University Of ...

UChicago researchers verify a new method of measuring distances to faraway galaxies Mar 2, 2021 ... UChicago researchers verify a new method of measuring distances to ... “One of the most exciting questions in cosmology today is whether ... [ReadMore..]

Taking Cosmology to the Far Side of the Moon - IEEE Spectrum

Taking Cosmology To The Far Side Of The Moon - IEEE Spectrum

Heliophysics, space weather, exoplanets, the interstellar medium and extragalactic radio sources are just some of the other areas in which the program's long wavelength astronomy could make additional new contributions. Jan 19, 2022 ... New Chinese program plans to use satellites in lunar orbit to study faint signals from early universe ... A team of Chinese researchers are ... [ReadMore..]

Huge arc of galaxies is surprising and puzzling cosmologists ...

Huge Arc Of Galaxies Is Surprising And Puzzling Cosmologists ...

The arc appears to violate a cosmic rule that on such large scales, matter will be evenly distributed. Jul 7, 2021 ... She spoke at a news conference at a virtual meeting of the American Astronomical Society. It would mean, she said, that “our standard model, not ... [ReadMore..]

cosmology – Houston Public Media

Cosmology – Houston Public Media

Houston Public Media provides informative, thought-provoking and entertaining content through a multi-media platform that includes TV 8, News 88.7 and HPM Classical and reaches a combined weekly audience of more than 1.5 million. Today is the last day of the Spring NPR for Greater Houston Campaign! When you donate, your gift will be matched three times for quadruple the impact! [ReadMore..]

Cosmology News -- ScienceDaily

Cosmology News -- ScienceDaily

Cosmology news. From deep observations of the far reaches of space and time to spectroscopic analysis and more. Read cosmology articles and consider how astronomers view the origin of the universe. Read cosmology articles and consider how astronomers view the origin of the ... the current prevailing theory used to describe the universe, a new study ... [ReadMore..]

Cosmology | Science News

Cosmology | Science News

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Explorers of Space, Deep Earth Named AAAS Fellows for Stellar ...

Explorers Of Space, Deep Earth Named AAAS Fellows For Stellar ...

Dr. Mustapha Ishak-Boushaki and Dr. Robert Stern were elected 2021 fellows of the prestigious American Association for the Advancement of Science. Jan 26, 2022 ... The organization expects to celebrate the new fellows during an in-person ... for his contributions to the field of theoretical cosmology, ... [ReadMore..]

Aspects of Today's Cosmology | IntechOpen

Aspects Of Today's Cosmology | IntechOpen

This book presents some aspects of the cosmological scientific odyssey that started last century. The chapters vary with different particular works, giving a versatile picture. It is the result of the work of many scientists in the field of cosmology, in accordance with their expertise and particular interests. Is a collection of different research papers produced by important scientists in the field of cosmology. A sample of the great deal of efforts made by the scientific community, trying to understand our universe. And it has many challenging subjects, like the possible doomsday to be confirmed by the next decade of experimentation. May be we are now half way in the life of the universe. Many more challenging subjects are not present here: they will be the result of further future work. Among them, we have the possibility of cyclic universes, and the evidence for the existence of a previous universe. Sep 9, 2011 ... Aspects of Today's CosmologyEdited by Antonio Alfonso-Faus. Book metrics overview ... A New Cosmological Model. By J.-M. Vigoureux, ... [ReadMore..]

Dark Energy and the New Cosmology

Dark Energy And The New Cosmology

The New Standard Cosmology is certainly not as well established as the standard ... ability to reproduce the power spectrum of inhomogeneity measured today ... [ReadMore..]

A new generation takes on the cosmological constant – Physics World

A New Generation Takes On The Cosmological Constant – Physics World

The long-standing physics problem is being tackled with renewed vigour by today’s cosmologists. Rob Lea investigates Mar 3, 2021 ... Suspects range from vacuum energy, the current most favoured model; to quantum fields; and even fields of time-travelling tachyons – ... [ReadMore..]