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Mathematical mysteries: Hailstone sequences |

Mathematical Mysteries: Hailstone Sequences |

Here's an easy game that leads you straight to an unsolved question in maths. Dec 9, 2014 ... This open question is known as the Collatz conjecture after the ... I have tried this process in Excel, with odd integers up to 59995, ... [ReadMore..]

[Solved] Code Golf: Numeric equivalent of an Excel column name ...

[Solved] Code Golf: Numeric Equivalent Of An Excel Column Name ...

The challenge The shortest code by character count that will output the numeric equivalent of an Excel column string. For example, the A column is 1, B is 2, so on and so forth. On Code Golf: Numeric equivalent of an Excel column name. Excel Code Golf. Solution 1: Excel, 9 chars :) ... Code Golf: Collatz Conjecture. [ReadMore..]

Fun with Excel #17 (ft. Python!) – The Beauty of Convergence ...

Fun With Excel #17 (ft. Python!) – The Beauty Of Convergence ...

Part I: Everything is Four A friend recently told me that “everything is four.” No, he wasn’t talking about the Jason Derulo album… Suppose you start with any number. As an example, I’ll pick 17, which yields the following sequence: 17 -> 9 -> 4. Here’s a slightly more convoluted one: 23 -> 11 -> […] May 9, 2017 ... Note the interesting pattern that forms from the series that have a stopping point of 4 in the first chart. Part II: The Collatz Conjecture. [ReadMore..]

MAT 2310. Computational Mathematics

MAT 2310. Computational Mathematics

The Collatz Conjecture . ... Example: Collatz — A Loop and a Conditional ... Many versions of Excel include Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), a small. [ReadMore..]

Collatz Conjecture [classic] | Creately

Collatz Conjecture [classic] | Creately

You can edit this template and create your own diagram. Creately diagrams can be exported and added to Word, PPT (powerpoint), Excel, Visio or any other ... [ReadMore..]

Using Python Functions and Defining New Functions -

Using Python Functions And Defining New Functions -

This tutorial covers Python functions, user-defined functions, the map function, lambda functions, functions versus methods, and function objects. Motivating Example for Automation with Python Functions. Suppose you want test out the Collatz Conjecture over the integers in the range [1,10]. [ReadMore..]

The Intel 80386, part 17: Future developments - The Old New Thing

The Intel 80386, Part 17: Future Developments - The Old New Thing

Where we went next. Feb 12, 2019 ... ... every other processor, so you cannot build things like “atomic multiply by 3” or “atomic take the next step in the Collatz conjecture“. [ReadMore..]

Collatz and Excel.

Collatz And Excel.

Excel for Mac 2011. I've been fooling around with the Collatz conjecture (if n is even n/2 and if n is odd n*3+1) for a range of starting values of [ReadMore..]

How to identify duplicates in Excel: find, highlight, count, filter, etc ...

How To Identify Duplicates In Excel: Find, Highlight, Count, Filter, Etc ...

Mar 2, 2016 ... Learn different ways to identify duplicates in Excel - how to find ... I was trying to make the collatz conjecture on excel and I was trying ... [ReadMore..]

On Collatz Conjecture

On Collatz Conjecture

The Collatz Conjecture can be stated as: using the reduced Collatz function $C(n) = (3n+1)/2^x$ where $2^x$ is the largest power of 2 that divides $3n+1$, any odd integer $n$ will eventually reach 1 in $j$ iterations such that $C^j(n) = 1$. In this paper we use reduced Collatz function and reverse reduced Collatz function. We present odd numbers as sum of fractions, which we call `fractional sum notation' and its generalized form `intermediate fractional sum notation', which we use to present a formula to obtain numbers with greater Collatz sequence lengths. We give a formula to obtain numbers with sequence length 2. We show that if trajectory of $n$ is looping and there is an odd number $m$ such that $C^j(m) = 1$, $n$ must be in form $3^j\times2k + 1, k \in \mathbb{N}_0$ where $C^j(n) = n$. We use Intermediate fractional sum notation to show a simpler proof that there are no loops with length 2 other than trivial cycle looping twice. We then work with reverse reduced Collatz function, and present a modified The Collatz Conjecture can be stated as: using the reduced Collatz function C(n) = (3n+1)/2^x where 2^x is the largest power of 2 that divides 3n+1, any odd ... [ReadMore..]

Collatz conjecture

Collatz Conjecture

Dec 24, 2017 ... Post a small Excel sheet (not a picture) showing realistic & representative sample data WITHOUT confidential information (10-20 rows, not ... [ReadMore..]