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Singularities and Black Holes (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Singularities And Black Holes (Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy)

Jun 29, 2009 ... Such black holes generically contain a spacetime singularity at their ... is one that is both inextendible and of finite proper length, ... [ReadMore..]

What's at the Center of Black Holes? | Live Science

What's At The Center Of Black Holes? | Live Science

Jun 22, 2010 ... Around the singularity, particles and materials are compressed. As matter collapses into a black hole, its density becomes infinitely large ... [ReadMore..]

What happens at the center of a black hole? | Space

What Happens At The Center Of A Black Hole? | Space

All of the possibilities are very weird. Feb 8, 2022 ... The discreteness of space-time prevents matter from reaching anything smaller than the Planck length (around 1.68 times 10^-35 meters). All the ... [ReadMore..]

Quantum gravity takes singularity out of black holes | New Scientist

Quantum Gravity Takes Singularity Out Of Black Holes | New Scientist

Applying a quantum theory of gravity to black holes eliminates the baffling singularity at their core, leaving what looks like a portal to another universe May 29, 2013 ... LQG combines general relativity with quantum mechanics and defines space-time as a web of indivisible chunks of about 10-35 metres in size. The ... [ReadMore..]

mass - Why aren't all black holes the same

Mass - Why Aren't All Black Holes The Same "size"? - Physics Stack ...

Feb 26, 2015 ... These break down and become meaningless at the singularity. Since space is meaningless, so is density. It only has mass. The amount of matter ... [ReadMore..]

Sizes of Black Holes? How Big is a Black Hole? | Sky & Telescope ...

Sizes Of Black Holes? How Big Is A Black Hole? | Sky & Telescope ...

If you've wondered how big is a black hole? then you've come to the right place! Learn about the sizes of black holes and the multi-layered answer. Jul 22, 2014 ... Black holes are singularities: points of infinitely small volume with infinite density. Such incredibly compact objects cause infinite curvature ... [ReadMore..]

How small is the singularity of a black hole? - Quora

How Small Is The Singularity Of A Black Hole? - Quora

Each black holes singularity, will have a Percentage diameter of 1 plank length, (e.g.) the entire mass (energy and matter) of the universe if it was the ... [ReadMore..]

Ask Ethan: How Can A Black Hole's Singularity Spin?

Ask Ethan: How Can A Black Hole's Singularity Spin?

If a star spins and then collapses, what happens to its angular momentum? Apr 20, 2019 ... rotating at 94% of its maximum speed, · with a 1-dimensional ring singularity with a diameter of ~118 AU (larger than Pluto's orbit), · with its ... [ReadMore..]

The Geometry of Black Hole Singularities

The Geometry Of Black Hole Singularities

Recent results show that important singularities in General Relativity can be naturally described in terms of finite and invariant canonical geometric objects. Consequently, one can write field equations which are equivalent to Einstein's at nonsingular points but, in addition remain well-defined and smooth at singularities. The black hole singularities appear to be less undesirable than it was thought, especially after we remove the part of the singularity due to the coordinate system. Black hole singularities are then compatible with global hyperbolicity and do not make the evolution equations break down, when these are expressed in terms of the appropriate variables. The charged black holes turn out to have smooth potential and electromagnetic fields in the new atlas. Classical charged particles can be modeled, in General Relativity, as charged black hole solutions. Since black hole singularities are accompanied by dimensional reduction, this should affect Feynman's path integrals. Therefore, it is expecte The black hole singularities can be made so by removing the coordinate singularity for the charged black hole singularities, the electromagnetic potential and ... [ReadMore..]

Black Holes | Science Mission Directorate

Black Holes | Science Mission Directorate

Don't let the name fool you: a black hole is anything but empty space. ... than the Sun squeezed into a sphere approximately the diameter of New York City. [ReadMore..]

general relativity - Are all black holes singularities identical ...

General Relativity - Are All Black Holes Singularities Identical ...

Mar 9, 2018 ... singularities are said to be the same infinite density point. Not true. A black hole singularity is not a point in space. [ReadMore..]